Trump FIRES Off Into Bizarre Russian Hack Diatribe During Wild Online Freak Out (DETAILS)


The president-elect continues to be relentlessly determined to undermine the credibility of the U.S. intelligence community’s report that Russia waged an unprecedented cyberattack driven propaganda war in the United States in the months before the presidential election.

Trump wrote the following on Twitter late Friday evening, implying that no special targeting of the DNC had taken place, despite the intelligence community’s repeated assertions to the contrary:

‘Gross negligence by the Democratic National Committee allowed hacking to take place. The Republican National Committee had strong defense!’

What Trump is zeroing in on with this tweet is, as mentioned, the intelligence community’s now longstanding assertion that Russia’s pre-2016 U.S. presidential election propaganda campaign wasn’t just targeting American democracy as a whole.

Rather, the intelligence community asserts that Russia acted with the specific intent to run Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign into the ground, developing a liking for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in the meantime. Why Putin’s Russia ended up liking Donald Trump so much is still not fully probed.

Those are the facts. These facts are backed up by the additional fact that the Republican National Committee was tangibly threatened by Russian hackers in much the same fashion as the Democratic National Committee was. However, the vast majority of the documents to ever be leaked to the public were from the DNC.

As The Daily Beast reports:

‘Despite flat-out denials from Republican National Committee officials Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer, a new report from The Smoking Gun suggests the RNC’s email was, in fact, hacked. According to the transparency site, an October 13 e-mail sent to [email protected] is among the correspondence posted to DC Leaks.’

The Daily Beast goes on to list other pieces of evidence proving that the RNC was hacked. Again, however, the majority of the information ever released to the public was from the DNC solely, again proving that a special bias against Hillary Clinton existed on the part of the hackers.

Trump, however, in characteristic fashion, asserts that these facts are not true, blaming the DNC for the infamous pre-election cyberattacks that left tens of thousands of private emails revealed to the public, and thus avoiding — or trying to avoid at least — the holes that the revelations about the hackers’ bias for Trump shoots in the credibility of his incoming presidential administration.

Featured Image via Sean Rayford/ Getty Images.