Internet Hilariously Mocks Trump For Persistent Whining About Absolutely Everything (TWEETS)


Apparently, Donald Trump’s followers and critics on Twitter have had enough of his constant childish whining about the “unfair media,” and virtually spanked the immature president-elect over his recent complaints that his former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, had her interview on Meet the Press cut short.

Most likely it was a mercy edit, because the majority of Kellyanne Conway interviews consist of endless minutes of rambling, talking around the issues, diverting the questions, and swinging back to complaining about Hillary Clinton, who when last seen, stopped running for president two months ago.

Conway and her boss can’t seem to get out of campaign mode.

During her usual Sunday morning rounds of political talk panels, Conway hit Meet the Press with NBC’s Chuck Todd, where her 10-minute slot was cut (mercifully) down to the one-minute mark.

After Conway’s spot, Trump tweeted:

‘Kellyanne Conway went to @MeetThePress this morning for an interview with @chucktodd. Dishonest media cut out 9 of her 10 minutes. Terrible!’

Right after that, Twitizens from all walks piled on to the president-elect.

Anthony Atamanuik hit the nail on the head when it comes to surviving more than a minute of Kellyanne Conway:

‘No one can listen to that much bullshit for 10 minutes. That’s why.’

Bess Kalb, writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live, reminded our president-to-be that NBC was doing us a favor by passing up on spreading more of Conway’s false statements.

‘It isn’t dishonest to trim content if the content itself isn’t particularly honest, Donald. Let’s consider both sides.’


Conway is nothing but exhausting to listen to for more than a minute, much less 10 of them strung together in a torturous stream of lies and deflections.

Tony Posnanski couldn’t even handle that much:

‘Sadly we still had to hear one minute.’

And even when she isn’t lying through her teeth, Conway grates with her pointless and winding word salad that has been putting TV screens in danger since she signed on to the Orange One’s campaign. Even fellow Republican John Weaver, former strategist for John Kasich pointed out that Conway’s brainless dribblings were best left on the cutting room floor.

‘@realDonaldTrump @MeetThePress @chucktodd would have been mindless blather anyway’

And even more to the point were comments Trump’s constant, childish complaints about the “unfairness of it all.” You’d think American was putting a middle schooler in charge, with Upworthy writer Parker Molloy asking a very valid question:

‘@realDonaldTrump Do you EVER stop whining?’

Even the so-called “soft-hearted” and liberal Social Party lost all their compassion:

Alex Zalben, managing editor TVGuide, suggested that if it was only fair to show the whole interview, perhaps it should be matched with all the outtakes of Trump using the n-word from The Apprentice that we keep hearing about.

‘@realDonaldTrump if all taped material from programs should be released, how about some of your unaired takes from The Apprentice?’

NBC posted the entire interview on its YouTube channel, seen below, for a real-time endurance test:

Featured image via video screencap.