Jake Tapper Goes Nuclear On Kellyanne Conway As She Lies To Defend Donald Trump (VIDEO)


CNN’s Jake Tapper grilled Kellyanne Conway within an inch of her life on Sunday’s edition of State of the Union. But what else could he do? The future White House counselor to President-elect Donald Trump just wouldn’t stop lying through her teeth.

The CNN host kept pressing Republican Barbie on the impact of Russian hackers on the 2016 election. And she kept insisting that the DNC emails that were released to the public via Wikileaks had nothing to do with Donald Trump’s improbable victory.

But what choice does Kellyanne Conway have? Admitting the Kremlin helped her boss would undermine him and call attention to his many questionable Russian ties.

First, Jake Tapper rolled tape with Donald Trump denying Russia broke into the DNC and saying it could have been “somebody sitting on their bed that ways 400 pounds, okay?” Then he asked:

‘Now that president-elect Trump has been formally briefed, has he been persuaded that Russia did carry out a comprehensive cyber- campaign against Hillary Clinton? And what is he prepared to do about it?’

But although many think Kellyanne Conway’s short on brains, one can’t deny she’s long on cunning. In any case, she adroitly dodged the question.

‘Jake, if you read his entire statement that followed the briefing on Friday, he makes very clear that Russia, China and others have attempted to attack different government institutions and businesses and individuals and organizations over a series of time. ‘

Jake Tapper admitted the U.S. intelligence community found no evidence that Russian spies hacked our voting machines…but that’s not the point. Can Kellyanne Conway seriously deny the leaked emails had any impact on the election when her boss wouldn’t stop going on about them?

‘ if you listen to what Mr. Trump had to say on the stump all the time, he invoked Wikileaks dozens and dozens of times to try to suggest that the Wikileaks said that there were things that Hillary Clinton was doing or had done that were untoward.’

The CNN host then played another video with Donald Trump talking about Wikileaks and the negative things people on the DNC said about Bernie Sanders. He then bore down on Kellyanne Conway again.

‘So, I guess what I’m confused about is, how can you say that the hacking had no impact on the election when Mr. Trump kept invoking WikiLeaks, which was printing, publishing things that the Russians had hacked? Obviously, he thought it was going to have an effect on the election.’

Kellyanne Conway then grudgingly not-admitted that maybe the leaked emails had an effect. She then swiftly changed the topic to how horrible and evil Hillary Clinton is, and once again denied that the “alleged” attacks had anything to do with the 2016 election’s outcome.

But Jake Tapper wasn’t having any of that. He demanded, “what do you mean ‘alleged’ attacks?”

‘But what I guess I don’t understand is why there is this reluctance by president-elect Trump and people around him to acknowledge Russia did this. You said it was an alleged attack. I don’t know why you’re saying alleged.’

Donald Trump’s spokeswoman backed off a little, saying “No, no, alleged — alleged to interfere with our democracy. In other words, they didn’t succeed.” She then went back to smearing Hillary Clinton, but her host insisted:

‘But you are trying to change public impressions of Hillary Clinton, right?” Tapper said. “Mr. Trump and you and others were trying to make an argument against Hillary Clinton using the work of Wikileaks.’

Jake Tapper kept trying to get Kellyanne Conway to answer his simple question, but all he could get out of her was a grudging:

‘Read his statement. He said he sees — he knows that there have been — that Russia, China and others are always — have tried to attack our — our governmental institutions, businesses, organizations, individuals.’

But what else can you expect from someone paid to parrot the ever-shifting talking points of a boss so irrational Rachel Maddow called her a “puppet without a hand.”

WATCH: Jake Tapper grills Kellyanne Conway on Donald Trump’s denial of Russian hackers.

Featured image: Video screen grab via CNN.