Reince Priebus Cannot Hide His Affinity For Russia In This Strange Fox News Interview (VIDEO)


President-elect Donald Trump’s chief-of-staff Reince Priebus sat down with Chris Wallace for Fox News Sunday to discuss whether or not Trump now accepts Russia’s guilt in the DNC hacks.

Twisting the interview, Priebus used the opportunity to diss the DNC. He claimed that foreign entities have been trying to influence elections and obtain access in one way or another to American government for 50 years. He identified that Russia, Iran and China have all, at some time made such attempts:

‘There are bad actors all around the world…’

Unloading all of the fault on the DNC, he claimed that the hacks only happened because:

‘…[The DNC] Lacked defenses. They lacked training. They allowed foreign governments into their system.’

Chris Wallace tried to re-direct the conversation back to the unprecedented nature of these attacks however, blocking Priebus from dismissing it away as a common occurrence:

‘…You say: well this has been happening for many years, but never at this extent, never with the hacking and the dissemination of emails..’

Thankfully, after this we see that the Trump administration post-report supports the findings of American intelligence agencies. Specifically and significantly, Priebus confirmed that President-elect Donald Trump accepts that Russia was involved in the DNC hack.

Unfortunately, Priebus avoided confirming that Trump believes it was indeed Putin who issued the order, instead, referring to the meddling entity simply as “Russian entities.” This is despite Chris Wallace’s attempts to get him to say directly that Vladimir Putin called the shots leading to the hack.

He also neglected to confirm or deny whether Donald Trump accepts that Russia’s motivation was to assist him to victory.

Despite assigning primary responsibility to Russia, Priebus did not relent in magnifying DNC shortcomings. Priebus asserted that not enough people are slamming the DNC for “allowing” it to happen.

He told Wallace:

‘…We also have a problem when we have a major political institution that allows foreign governments into their systems with hardly any defenses or training. That’s a huge story and that’s what people aren’t talking about as well.’

Further, he claims that hackers attempted to hack the RNC “in the same way but we had defenses.” Allegedly, when the FBI notified them of the suspect activity, they were called in “immediately” by the RNC, which Priebus claimed the DNC did not do. He also shared that Trump intends to order a report on “how we can do better” within his first 90 days, but that:

‘…One thing we can do to be better is when the FBI calls and says we think we have [suspect/hacking] activity, you return the call.’

Whether Priebus is correct in his allegations against the DNC in terms of response is yet to be known. Certainly however, the Trump camp is ruthless in their efforts to assign as much blame as possible onto the DNC.

Despite all of this, as of Saturday President-elect Trump still believes (according to his tweets), that:

‘having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing.’

This begs the question: what are we in for with this man in charge?

WATCH: The full interview here:

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