Sean Spicer Whines To The Media About The Lack Of Respect Trump Gets From The Media


Joe Concha from The Hill had a chat with the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) Communications Director Sean Spicer, and reports he whined about “a media landscape that he said mocked Trump even as it cheers on Democrats.”

‘While he said the media seems to understand that Trump represents a larger movement after his presidential win, his remarks reflected longstanding antipathy on the part of the Trump team on how the businessman has been treated. ‘

Alas, the hand that giveth $2 billion worth of free coverage to Donald Trump can also taketh away.

“There’s some positive aspects here and there, but largely it still continues to not treat him with the respect that he deserves,” Sean Spicer declared. Completely ignoring the fact that the man who is about to lead the so-called free world does not act in a manner that deserves respect, he blandly adds:

‘I think for a lot of folks inside the beltway, and inside pundit-world, they don’t fully appreciate the understanding that he has of where the American people are. They continue to mock him in ways, when it frankly just shows the lack of understanding of that they have of where the American people are and what they think.’

Sean Spicer may have a point, but forgets that he‘s “in the Beltway” too, and is forgetting the fact that Donald Trump and the GOP are pushing a radical agenda that the majority of Americans did not vote for. The president-elect ran as a populist who would “drain the swamp” in our nation’s capitol, bring the jobs back, and help working people. But, judging from the people he’s putting in his cabinet and the so-called “deals” he’s cut with Carrier and other companies that have handed them tax breaks without actually saving any jobs, he doesn’t even deserve support from the people who voted for him.

Instead, Sean Spicer complains that:

‘There are countless examples of the media engaging — overtly or covertly — cheering on Democrats and there’s no accountability. But it’s also not even frowned upon.’

Well, perhaps if Donald Trump would stop Tweeting and hold press conferences on a regular basis, the media might be more well-disposed towards him. As The Hill acidly observes, if he keeps his promise to hold a press conference on Wednesday, as promised, it “will mark the first time he has taken questions in such a setting in 168 days.”

Sean Spicer won’t even specify how press conferences — if any ever get held — would be conducted. “It will be a daily something. When I say ‘something,’ maybe it’s a gaggle, maybe it’s an on-camera briefing,” he said vaguely.

‘Maybe we solicit talk radio and regional newspapers to submit questions — because they can’t afford to be in Washington — but they still have a question. Maybe we just let the American people submit questions that we read off as well,’

Spicer adds that he’s spoken with former White House press secretaries for both Democratic and Republican presidents and says nothing about what they discussed, but babbles:

‘Whether Republican or Democrat, every one of these predecessors has been unbelievably generous with their time, counsel and advice. The respect for the institution is one that is shared by all of them.’

But he assures us that future press conferences may be held in a “standard format,” whatever Donald Trump decides that may be. And this “standard format” may not involve having TV cameras present. Sean Spicer grudgingly admits that members of the press have “a Constitutional right to express themselves or write what they want to write.” But he says he wants the coverage to be fair and balanced.

‘But he equally has a right to make sure that the record is set straight, the facts are known, and that people can’t just take potshots without being held accountable.’

Unfortunately, people in the Trump administration likely have the same definition of “fair and balanced” as Fox News.

Featured image: Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images.