Trump Cabinet Pick Reince Priebus Makes A Total A** Of Himself On Fox News (VIDEO)


The GOP has decided on a whole new strategy in dealing with the opposition to Trump’s cabinet picks.

One would think that strategy might be to boot some of the more problematic ones, at least. The Goldman Sachs and Exxon Mobile ties, being denied a position as a federal judge due to the cabinet pick’s racism, and ones with absolutely no apparent experience would be a good start.

At that point, Trump would have to start all over. That’s the best start imaginable in clearing out this merry band of corporate interest hacks, racists, and xenophobics.

Alas, that is not the strategy the GOP is going with. That would make entirely too much sense and be far more ethical than the GOP is capable of being. Instead, they’ll band together by arguing, with straight faces, that background checks and confirmation hearings for Trump’s cabinet picks are a “waste of time.”

Reince Priebus told Chris Wallace of Fox News on Sunday that there is “no reason” to do background checks on Trump’s cabinet choices.

‘The fact is there’s no reason. I mean, it’s the first week of January, they have all the details that they need, they have all the information that they need. It’s no different from any other new administration coming in and the American people demand it…Change was voted for and change we will get.’

If it’s no different than any other new administration, why would the background checks be different? Also, the American people demanded Hillary Clinton become president when a large majority of them voted for her. Priebus wasn’t worried about the will of the people then.

The changes Priebus is promising is frightening indeed, and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) seems determined to see that change happen, as well, even if it means confirming cabinet picks without properly vetting them. McConnell decided the confirmation process for eleven of Trump’s picks should be jammed into an already jam-packed schedule for the day of Jan. 11 in an attempt to rush them through.

It’s not only worrisome, the lengths these two will go to in order to foist inexperienced and corporate-influenced presidential cabinet members on the American public, it’s also hypocritical. In 2009, McConnell wrote a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) demanding that Obama’s cabinet choices be fully vetted by the FBI and the Office of Government Ethics before being confirmed.

With a cabinet like this, the GOP has little choice but to rush them through under the radar. A real vetting would most likely eliminate the majority of them.

See the full segment below:

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