Trump Goes Nuts On Twitter – Lies About Intelligence Briefing, Starts Conspiracy Theory (TWEET)


The president-elect has just reiterated his call for an investigation into NBC with a Sunday afternoon tweet.

Trump’s fury at the news network stems out of information about the just released Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s (ODNI) report about the Russian hacking scandal reaching NBC before it reached him.

On that note, Trump wrote on Twitter, “Before I, or anyone, saw the classified and/or highly confidential hacking intelligence report, it was leaked out to NBC News. So serious!”

First of all, Trump is — unsurprisingly — dead wrong. Just look at the NBC news headline that ran with one of the network’s stories about the ODNI report.

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It reads, as you can see, “Inside the Russian Hacking Report That President Obama Received Thursday.”

Thus, Trump’s claim against NBC that the network accessed information about the “classified and/or highly confidential” ODNI Russian hacking report before anyone else is, quite simply, false. President Obama saw the report before NBC.

The president-elect’s Sunday tweet against NBC comes after he already made a similar claim against the network.

Last Friday, he tweeted a call for an investigation into the network over the “leak,” writing, “I am asking the chairs of the House and Senate committees to investigate top secret intelligence shared with NBC prior to me seeing it.”

It is deeply disturbing for Trump to be so obsessed with NBC getting private information about U.S. government affairs, while he continues to completely ignore the seriousness of the Russian hacking scandal.

Trump, of course, has a long-running feud with the media. He has called them out so irrationally and virulently on multiple occasions so as to spark explicit threats of physical violence to journalists from his supporters.

He has also spoken out, quite disturbingly, about his view that the First Amendment simply “provides too much protection” for journalists to say “whatever they want.” Trump — the man who is, in just about two weeks’ time, going to officially become the next president — feels that it should be easier to sue the press over them reporting on potentially incendiary stories.

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