Former Obama Staffers Launch Huge Anti-Trump Site To Keep Tabs On The New President


Three former Obama staffers are preparing to launch an anti-Donald Trump site called “Crooked Media.” The name, of course, is a reference to Trump’s frequently accusation that the media is working against him.

In this particular case, Trump would be right in assuming the media is against him. Tommy Vietor, Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett are former Obama-staffers and speechwriters who told Time that their site will make no claims to neutrality.

‘We’re not journalists, we’re not unbiased, we’re not always serious and we’re certainly not always right. But we promise a no-bulls–t conversation about politics where you can laugh, cry, scream, ridicule us daily, share your ideas, and hopefully decide that you want to help fix this mess too..’

Their goal isn’t simply to keep people informed of the president-elect’s actions, but to encourage them, especially millennials, to get involved in politics. Vietor said that Democrats made a mistake by relying too heavily on traditional media to reach young voters because Trump would simply use Twitter or Breitbart to go around them. There’s simply too much competition to rely solely on traditional media outlets.

‘I think the lesson for [Democrats] is that if you’re solely filtering your message through the media, you’ve already lost. He has Breitbart and Twitter and he’ll just swamp you. We need to do a better job of connecting directly and activating people.’

Crooked Media isn’t the team’s first foray into political commentary. In the months leading up to the election, they hosted the podcast “Keepin’ It 1600.” The podcast was fairly successful, but, on their website, they freely admit to making a few mistakes.

‘We tried to keep the conversation substantive, funny, honest, open, and focused on the overwhelming probability that Donald Trump would lose in November.

‘We were a little off on that last one. But we were wrong about more than just the outcome of the election. We were wrong to focus so much on punditry instead of advocacy. We were wrong to talk more about what would happen instead of what should happen. And most of all, Hillary Clinton was wrong to not come on our podcast.

‘It is why she lost.’

The podcast has since been renamed “Pod Save America” and the trio said they want to focus less on policy discussion and more on encouraging political activism. Their current goal is to reach young voters who are dismayed with the outcome of the presidential and encourage them to get involved.

‘If there’s one thing we’ve learned from 2016, it’s that there are no experts with all the answers. There is no secret plan. And there is no hero coming to save us. Anyone can help figure this out. You can do it. We can figure it out together. We can be patient and thoughtful and open to new ideas. We can challenge ourselves to be better and smarter. We can be tough on our opponents, forgiving of our allies, and we can take our country back.’

Whether or not their venture will be successful remains to be seen, but their goal is one that is also being championed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, who galvanized young voters during his bid for the Democratic nomination. Who knows, perhaps Sanders will be a guest on their show one day.

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