Press Secretary Josh Earnest Praises Meryl Streep For Her Brave Globes Speech (VIDEO)


White House press secretary Josh Earnest speaks for President Obama. It is his job to know how the president thinks, so he can speak freely and reflect the president’s thoughts; no small trick. Monday, Earnest commented on Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, even though he had not talked to the president about it.

Earnest has one of those 24/7 jobs that sound so glamorous in the television shows and movies. So what does it take to be able to speak for the leader of the free world?

This press secretary stepped into his current position in 2014, after growing up in Kansas City, Missouri. In between, he collected a political science and policy studies degree from Rice University in Texas and a series of cascading political jobs, each more responsible than the last.

Earnest’s smartest move was to back Sen. Obama’s presidential campaign in 2007, as his Iowa Communications Director. Now, this press secretary can speak President Obama fluently.

The president’s top spokesman defended Streep in much the same way that the president would have done, according to ABC News Politics:

‘She clearly was delivering a thoughtful, carefully considered message that she believes in deeply.’

During the Golden Globes, Streep criticized the almost-president Sunday night after she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award. She put the orange man in his place for mocking a reporter with a physical disability, according to ABC:

‘But there was one performance this year that stunned me. It sank its hooks in my heart. Not because it was good — there was nothing good about it — but it was effective and did its job.’

President Obama taught constitutional law, and Earnest transmits that thoughtfulness in what how he speaks:

‘It seemed to me to be fairly straightforward exercise of her First Amendment rights as a citizen of the United States.’

The press secretary predicted that President Obama was not likely to criticize the incoming president, while he still has the highest office in the land:

‘He’s got institutional responsibilities. He has to set aside those personal feelings in order to preside over an effective transition … The president has faithfully presided over a process that has done exactly that.’

Trump showed just how thin-skinned he is in his favorite form of communications, tweets. He called Streep an “overrated” actor and a “Hillary [Clinton] flunky who lost big.” For some reason, the president-to-be believes that he can change reality with his words, even when the videos prove otherwise. He tweeted:

‘For the 100th time, I never “mocked” a disabled reporter [would never do that].’

Earnest complimented Streep’s speech:

‘It made its intended audience laugh and show their teeth.’

Unfortunately, the Donald cannot make America show its teeth, and it drives him crazy. His MO is to try to tear down the gifted actress, while President Obama awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2014.

Check out this video of Earnest:

Featured Image: Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.