The Look On Vince Vaughn’s Face During Meryl Streep’s Globes Speech Is Priceless (VIDEO)


There’s something about seeing Republicans almost frothing at the mouth, giving me the unique opportunity to show their colors that really warms my heart.

Last night at the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep used essentially her entire lifetime recognition award speech to unload wisdom about empathy and respect on attendees and viewers. In a beautifully composed commentary about the president-elect, without ever naming him directly, Streep used her celebrity for good, and it was refreshing.

That said, there were bound to be some Republicans in the room who don’t care about mocking the disabled, or the election may have ended differently. Hilariously, the camera found them and managed to capture their reactions to what they were watching and hearing.

Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson were found sitting together at the Globes, likely due to their recent collaboration on Hacksaw Ridge, which was nominated in three categories: Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture (Andrew Garfield), Best Drama Motion Picture, and Best Director of a Motion Picture (Mel Gibson).

While Gibson looks perturbed, Vaughn looks like he’s just about ready to explode with anger. The intensity of the look in Vaughn’s eyes can only be likened to a death stare. If it were possible to shoot real daggers from one’s eyes, we would be worried for Streep in that instant.

This type of reaction is not exactly surprising from these two however. People like Mel Gibson are truly deplorable. Beginning in 2008, Gibson’s career tanked following anti-Semitic remarks while being arrested for a DUI:

‘Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.’

It only got worse from there, following that, he plead guilty to abusing the mother of his daughter, Oksana Grigorieva in 2010. Griegorieva released a recording she had taken secretly, catching Gibson threatening violence and using racial slurs.

In 2012, he faced more scandal again when he was recorded having a tantrum, again using anti-Semitic slurs, “colorfully” profane language and a disgusting remark about Griegorieva.

So, we can understand why Gibson didn’t agree with Meryl Streep, and why he supports Trump. Trump has been accused of assault against women. Trump is well known for his Twitter tantrums and meltdowns. Trump uses disturbing language. And Trump holds highly inappropriate views on minorities and immigrants. These two are a match made in Hell.

As for Vince Vaughn, Playboy revealed his true colors back in early 2015. He showed himself in that interview to be an outspoken proponent of “individual choice”, that affirmative action is racist, touting that the government should not be involved in what people do, at all. Nor should they, he believes, take your taxes except for tangible, local services such as police and firefighters.

Thankfully their responses at the Golden Globes provided us with the chance to share these views, and their fans can decide for themselves if they want to support them now.

WATCH: Meryl Streep’s Speech and see Vaughn and Gibson’s reaction from 5:46-5:51:

Feature image screengrab via NBC LIVE. All rights reserved. Image has been modified from its original form.