The Obama Family Just Made A Huge Announcement About After Inauguration Plans (DETAILS)


According to The Hill, Barack and Michelle Obama plan to leave Washington D.C. immediately following the Donald Trump inauguration on January 20th. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed the story on Monday, though he did not confirm where the Obamas would go, nor how long they would be gone.

The first family will take part in the ceremonies on the 20th, ringing in the new Trump presidency. After that, the Obamas will take a final flight on Air Force One out of Washington, rather than heading to their rental home, located 2 miles from the White House.

Although the Obamas will be taking their flight out of town on AF1, they still plan to continue living in Washington D.C. for the time being. Their youngest daughter Sasha has another two years left in high school, and the family has committed to staying in the city until after she has graduated.

President Obama has confessed, however, that he and his wife are long overdue for a vacation. During a news conference in Peru on November 21st, the President confessed:

‘What I do know is, that I have to take Michelle on vacation.’

The Obamas make an annual trip to Hawaii every year, and returned from their latest such outing on January 2nd.

As one might expect from the administration of the first black president in a country with such a yawning racial divide, the Obama Presidency was characterized by conflict and rampant obstructionism from his opponents in congress. His successor himself was responsible for aggressively promoting the ridiculous and racist “birther” movement. Members of Congress announced openly in his last year in office that they would obstruct any Supreme Court nomination proposed by the president. And members of the Republican party made it their primary focus to do everything in their power to destroy the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s pet healthcare project that provided healthcare for tens of millions of Americans and caused the percentage of uninsured in this country to plummet.

And yet, our Commander in Chief for the last 8 years has handled himself with grace and dignity, and managed to get quite a few things done despite the efforts of his detractors. Have a look at The New Yorker‘s look back at the man who was our commander-in-chief for the last 8 years.

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