Trump Announces New Enemy During ANOTHER Late Night Twitter Meltdown (TWEETS)


Does Trump ever sleep? Does he lie awake at night tallying up his many grievances until he just can’t help but share them with his Twitter followers?

Trump began his day on Sunday with a Twitter rant about the “dishonest media” and their cruel treatment of his new counselor and former campaign spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway after Meet the Press used, as most television news shows do, only a small portion of a longer interview with her to air on their show.

Trump wasn’t quite finished with the media yet, though. Late Sunday night, Trump was back on Twitter. Seriously, does this man realize he has less than two weeks to prepare for the biggest and most important job in our country?

This time, Trump was angry that the media reported the truth when they told the American people that their new president-elect may have promised them he’d force Mexico to pay for a border wall to keep brown people out of the country, but he’s asking Congress to use taxpayer dollars to do it now that he’s been elected.

As much as the president-elect does not want to admit it, he failed to tell his supporters the entire truth during his campaign. After the popular rallying cry of “Who’s going to pay for it? Mexico!” Trump never once said, “Yes, but first we’re going to use your tax dollars and then try to make Mexico pay you back someday.”

Trump has been on a rampage against the media for reporting anything he says or does, insisting they’re being dishonest even when video and audio exists, since the beginning of his campaign. Now that he has some real power, attacking the news media seems to be the first and most foremost thought on Trump’s mind.

We were warned about this.

‘Historians say they see other characteristics of fascism in Trump in addition to his propensity for racial and ethnic stereotyping. Among them: nativist undertones, attempts to control the media; and even condoning violence against his critics.’

Welcome to Trump’s America.

Featured image via Getty/Mark Walheiser