Trump Caught Lying To WaPo Yet Again – You’ll Never Believe How Trivial This Time (TWEETS)


The near-president, Donald Trump has such thin skin, he may spend the next four years getting even via Twitter with individuals. It is surprising that the leader of the free world would be lashing out at actors and journalists. This time, the orange man is bragging about the inauguration gown shops being “sold out.” But he is wrong.

Before the light hit his tower, Trump was busy dissing Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe put-down, but he had plenty of time to smack back on his supposed record-setting inauguration attendance, too. Apparently he believes that if you build the lie, they will come, so he told the New York Times:

‘There will be plenty of movie and entertainment stars. All the dress shops are sold out in Washington. It’s hard to find a great dress for this inauguration.’

There are disadvantages of being the oldest president in history. The biggest one is that he is old. It is hard to relate to the common women, when he calls the stores “dresses shops,” and who knew he was checking them out looking for “a great dress?”

Trump’s comment brings to mind hangers clanging against one-another in the empty D.C. stores. Apparently the great man in town does not realize that people will be purchasing their gowns all across the country. Others will have designer originals. Some will even pick a previously worn dress out of their closets. True.

Vice president and general manager of the Friendship Heights Neiman Marcus store, disagreed with Trump. Martha Slagle told the Washington Post, no way! She stocks up on a four-year inauguration schedule:

‘You have more than a thousand evening gowns to choose from.’

Slagle actually laughed when WaPo relayed the near-president’s comment. Then she said:

‘I’m stuffed with beautiful gowns.’

Owner and buyer at the Georgetown boutique Curio Concept, Lena Farouki said her store is well-stocked with all manner of inauguration apparel. A bit tongue-in-cheek, she said that she thought a city-wide sell out would be hard to imagine:

‘It would be really difficult to achieve. We’re a bigger city than people think.’

The owner of a Georgetown designer-consignment shop Ella Rue, Krista Johnson said:

‘We always have dresses. Unless a thousand people came in today, we’d still have choices.’

Imagine that, business women understand inventories. Johnson’s store includes the whole gamut of formal wear, such as runways articles and labels from “Oscar de la Renta, Alexis and Moschino.”

Featured Image: Smithsonian Twitter page.

H/T: Washington Post.