Conservative Operative Caught On Camera Planning To Incite Violence At Inauguration (VIDEO)


Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, the man responsible for the doctored Planned Parenthood videos that led to a mass shooting at one of their reproductive health clinics and the push to defund its programs, is about to find out what karma feels like.

This time, though, there’s no need to doctor any videos or falsify claims. O’Keefe really did exactly what the video shows him doing.

The video begins with O’Keefe asking about “resources” available to carry out a plan, or how much money he has to spend. The woman with whom he is speaking tells him that his resources are “unlimited.” That woman is Allison Maass, who tried to infiltrate the Hillary Clinton campaign as an undercover volunteer staffer but was caught and sent packing.

O’Keefe then asks what the goals of the plan are, asking “so what is it you’d like to see happen?”

‘We just want to see the biggest impact. He’d like to turn on the TV and maybe not even see Trump. Put a stop to the inauguration, interrupt the parties. I think that would make him ultimately the happiest and wanting to open up his wallet.’

The two then conspire to shut down a bridge, and O’Keefe asks if that’s something the mysterious “him” wants to fund. Of course it is, Maass tells him. She also promises that “we” can say publicly that we’re happy about the bridge and will to pay more money once it’s done. “It’s perfect.” O’Keefe tells her that there is only one problem with the plan. “Well, the one thing I would say about that is, there’s a philosophy of nonviolence.”

The secret conversation was recorded and released by a former target of O’Keefe’s.

‘The Undercurrent, led by executive producer Lauren Windsor, is sponsored by American Family Voices, which was among a constellation of groups infiltrated by O’Keefe’s Project Veritas during the presidential campaign, an effort to link Democrats with voter fraud…Windsor arranged to have the meeting secretly recorded. (It’s likely Maass was recording as well. It is plausible that O’Keefe’s plan was not to disrupt to inaugural, but instead to catch lefties offering to do so.)’

James O’Keefe, meet Karma.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube