Fox News Has Total Meltdown After Hollywood Celebrities Speak Out Against Trump (VIDEO)


The Fox Network took on anti-Trump celebrities who took the opportunity at the Golden Globes awards to roast Republican President-elect Donald Trump.

These included late night host Jimmy Fallon, who compared Trump to one of the villains on Game of Thrones, King Joffrey. Also, noted actor Hugh Laurie roasted the president-elect, and legendary actor Meryl Streep referred to him as a bully during her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award.

On Fox’s Outnumbered Monday edition, Meghan McCain called it “sanctimonious,” calling them out of touch and admonished them for lecturing. McCain said:

‘Hollywood, if you don’t take a look, you’re going to usher him in for a second term real quick.’

Co-host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery then accused Streep of “squandering” her award speech and wasting it by bringing up someone she has a “political disagreement” with.

Co-host Lisa Boothe then pointed out that these celebrities weren’t much use to Democrat Hillary Clinton during her election, and added:

‘Who cares what these people think?

‘I think Americans are so tired of being preached to by people that are making millions of dollars simply to act when they’re struggling to pay the bills … It’s just so elitist.’

They also talked about Trump’s response on Twitter, denying that he had never mocked a disabled reporter. The video of Trump doing so is widely available and can be seen here in a CNN article from November 2015.

McCain then whined about “D-list comedians” going after her on Twitter because she posted that she thinks it’s the sanctimonious tone of celebrities that helped elect Trump in the first place

‘All the snowflake liberals are having a meltdown on Twitter today.’

Judge Andrew Napolitano then cheered Trump on for responding to Streep’s speech on Twitter.

‘Trump was right to go for her jugular.’

The thing they seemed to have glossed over is that anti-bullying statements are not political issues, they’re moral issues.

A poll from Bloomberg taken in August 2016 shows that mocking that disabled reporter is Trump’s “worst offense” according to the American public, with six out of 10 saying that they were bothered quite a bit by this.

Trump himself reacts wildly to the least little criticism, even when it’s warranted, and even when it’s not even particularly pointed. It seems that Trump has now enlisted Fox News to defend even his most repulsive behavior. No surprise there.

You can watch the segment from Outnumbered in the video below:

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