George Clooney Calls Out Donald Trump In The Press – Trump Sure To Take The Bait (VIDEO)


Outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter and actor George Clooney seemed to be giving President-elect Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt when he recently told reporters that he hopes Trump does well in office, even though he thinks the Republican real estate developer is not a good choice to run the country.

Clooney spoke out during a London reception for The Clooney Foundation for Justice in support of a documentary about Syria rescue workers on Monday. Titled The White Helmets, the Netflix documentary explores heroic Syrians working help those hit by bombings in the war-torn country.

According to the Associated Press, Clooney told reporters that he thinks America has been lucky in the past for its choice of presidents, saying:

‘When we needed a first president, we had George Washington. We had Jefferson, Adams. When we had the Civil War, we had Lincoln.’

Clooney also mentions Roosevelt and Kennedy, but then suggest that the U.S. got a bit unlucky with the George W. Bush presidency after 9/11, adding.

‘I think we’re going to be a little unlucky now. I can only hope for the best.

‘We have to hope that he can do a decent job, because when the president of the United States fails, really terrible things happen.’

Then Clooney addressed the recent Twitter attack by Trump on his colleague, Meryl Streep, who called out The Donald from the stage of the Golden Globe Awards about his bullying behavior.

In response, Trump called Streep “overrated” and a Clinton “flunky” on Twitter, despite the fact that he listed her as one of the actresses he loved, saying Streep was “excellent” and a “fine person, too,” during an interview with Hollywood Reporter in August 2015.

Clooney also said he supported Streep’s right to speak out in a public forum when talking to People magazine during the same reception, rhetorically asking the incoming president:

‘Aren’t you supposed to be running the country?’

When addressing the perception of “sanctimonious” celebrities and their right to speak out about political issues, Clooney said.

‘The only reason that people who are well known should be involved in these kinds of things is when no one knows about them.

‘I remember getting involved in Darfur in 2005-ish and part of the reason was that it wasn’t being talked about. I can’t change policy, but I can make things louder. I can help them make it louder.’

Speaking of the White Helmet documentary, Clooney called them the heroes, saying that using his fame to bring them attention was a positive thing:

‘If I can help them out at all and people can know about it, in any way possible, then that’s a good use of celebrity, I think.’

Last May, Clooney said that he didn’t expect that Trump would win the election, telling reporters at a Cannes event that:

‘Fear isn’t going to be something that drives our country.’

If only he had been right.

You can watch that press panel below:

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