Unverified Docs Show Russia May Hold Compromising Intel On Trump’s Perverted Russian Romps


Classified documents alleging that Russian operatives are holding compromising information regarding Donald Trump have been circulating at high levels, and according to CNN, the allegations were presented in a two-page summary added to the investigation into the Russian hack of the 2016 election.

The dossier from which the summary was drawn include memos taken down by a former British intelligence agent, and includes some shocking information. Some of the more damning allegations are that the Russians have been communicating with and assisting Donald Trump for at least five years.

Also shocking is intel that the Russians operatives also had documented salacious sexual acts performed by the president-elect while under surveillance.

The two page synopsis of the dossier was provided to both President Barack Obama and President-elect Trump.

BuzzFeed News has gotten hold of those documents and published them online so that Americans can “make up their own minds.” The documents, say BuzzFeed may be unverifiable, and include some errors to small details, such as the name of a company and the nature of a certain residential area.

The dossier includes some rather disturbing bullet points:

1.  Russian has been assisting and cultivating Trump for five years, per the endorsement of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in order to cause dissension in the Western alliances. This is according to one former and one current Russian intelligence agent.

2.  Trump has declined preferential treatment in regard to real estate transactions in Moscow, but has been receiving a “regular flow” of intelligence from the Kremlin regarding his political opponents, including Hillary Clinton. This is noted as having been confirmed by a close associate to Trump who recently traveled to Moscow.

3. That a Russian intelligence officer has material on Trump by which to blackmail the president-elect, as Trump’s “conduct in Moscow has included perverted sexual acts which have been arranged/monitored by the FSB.

According to the dossier, Russian agents decided to exploit Trumps sexual perversions. According to one unnamed source, Trump hired a number of prostitutes for a “golden showers” show in the same suite that President and Mrs. Obama stayed during an official visit.

According to the source, the Kremlin, who controls the hotel, filmed and recorded Trump’s stay. According to the documents, this was confirmed by sources on staff at the hotel. According to one of the top Russian agents, Trump’s behavior in Russia has provided them with a sufficient amounts of material to blackmail the former real estate developer.

4. That Russian intelligence services have been bugging conversations had by Hillary Clinton during her travel to Russia, collating a compromising collection of wiretaps and recordings that have not been yet distributed. The collection of compromising information was ordered by Putin himself, according to sources, and compiled by Chief Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov.

It remains to be seen if the report will prove to be verifiable, and the small errors are cause for concern. According to BuzzFeed, Sen. Harry Reid’s spokesman tweeted that the Senate Democratic Leader had seen the documents before writing to FBI director James Comey regarding Trump’s ties to Russia. According to Mother Jones, Reid’s was furious and wrote to Comey.

‘In my communications with you and other top officials in the national security community, it has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government…The public has a right to know this information.’

You can read the entirety of the documents online, courtesy of BuzzFeed News.

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