Check Out This Mashup Of Trump’s Biggest Meltdowns At Today’s Press Conference (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s first press conference as president-elect was certainly eventful. Here are some of the most shocking moments and outrageous tantrums from Trump as he attacked the news reporters there to cover the press conference that everyone will be talking about today.

When Trump was asked by a reporter about the release of his tax returns, things got rather heated. After first saying that he could not release his tax returns due to an audit, a claim that even the IRS has denied by saying that a tax return under audit can absolutely be released, Trump and the reporter sparred over the subject.

Trump: I’m not releasing the the tax returns, as you know, because they’re under audit.

Reporter: But every president since the 70s has…

Trump: Oh, gee, I’ve never heard that.

Reporter: But as president, sir…

Trump: You know, the only ones who care about my tax returns are the reporters.

Reporter: You don’t think the American public is concerned about that?

Trump: No. I won. I became president.

When a CNN reporter asked about Trump “attacking” his news organization, the tone was more biting than dismissive and chiding. The president-elect attacked CNN as “fake news” after they reported that Trump was briefed on the news that Russia is claiming to have potentially embarrassing dirt on him, although the worst allegations actually came from Buzzfeed, not CNN.

Trump: Your organization is terrible.

Reporter: Sir. Sir.

Trump: Quiet.

Reporter: Sir, can you…can you give us a question?

Trump: No, I’m not going to give you a question. You’re fake news!

When Trump was asked about his thoughts on reforms of the media industry as a result of fake news stories, he pointed out particular reporters he deemed “dishonest” and responsible for that “fake news.”

‘Some of the media outlets I deal with are “fake news.” I could name some of them, but I won’t bother. But you have a few right in front of us (points out reporters). So they’re very, very dishonest people.’

There were a few cheers, but also some audible gasps.

It’s going to be a long four years for the news media. While it was no secret that Trump is no fan of the media, inciting hatred and violence against those who covered his rallies on the campaign trail by calling them out in front of his supporters, everyone expected that Trump would be forced to tone it down once he was elected.

It doesn’t appear as if that’s going to happen.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube