CNN Responds To Trump Claims That Their Stories Are ‘Fake News’ – And It’s Perfect (TWEET)


CNN is fighting back against Donald Trump’s assertion that CNN reported ‘fake news’ in regards to Trump’s knowledge around Russian intelligence about his financial history and other damning information. CNN tweeted:

Further standing their ground, CNN followed the tweet above with:

For anyone who is unclear on the facts of this story, CNN reported that not only did Trump know about the security breach, he was informed as to what Russia planned to do with the information they had.

Earlier Wednesday morning, CNN’s Jake Tapper defended his decision to run Tuesday’s story:

‘Tapper called his work along with Perez, Sciutto, and Bernstein as “responsible reporting” while distancing their work from the Buzzfeed leak carefully, calling it an, “irresponsible posting of [an] uncorroborated 35-pager.”‘

It seems that CNN may not have a choice but to pull out their heavy artillery where responding to Trump is concerned.  In yet another pompous display of arrogance, Trump attempted to make an example out of CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, when Trump opened his press conference up for questions Wednesday morning.

Despite Trump’s bashing of CNN’s reporting, Acosta made an even-tempered and tactful inquiry of Trump.  ‘Mr. President, since you’re attacking our news organization, can you give us a question?’

Trump lost it.  Turning red, ointing his finger, frowning his face and scolding as if talking to a child, Trump replied,

‘Your organization is terrible.  Your organization is terrible.  Quiet. Quiet. . .don’t be rude.  Don’t be rude.  Don’t.  Be.  Rude.  No I’m not gonna give you a questions.  You are fake news.’

With that, Acosta was kept from rebutting Trump’s assertion that the intelligence regarding Trump’s knowledge about Russia, was false.”

Lack of presidential decorum and professionalism aside, the problem with Trump’s finger pointing, name calling and denial is that CNN’s report was verified intelligence.  According to The New York TimesTrump was briefed about the security breach and acknowledged the same during the statement he released after the meeting.

Someone isn’t telling the truth, but CNN has documentation to support their story.

Featured image screengrab via Getty/Scott Eisen