George Takei DESTROYS Trump With Marvelous Golden Tweets- Get Ready (IMAGES)


Our hilarious sci-fi hero, George Takei, took to Twitter last night and completely owned Donald Trump in side-splittingly funny fashion.

After allegations were made that President-elect Trump enjoys partaking in unusual sex acts, Takei began tweeting several one-liners that won the Internet.

‘You know, Trump never could pass up a golden opportunity.’

‘Waiting for Trump to whine about yellow journalism. Please oh please oh please.’

‘Trickle down economics? Well, society.’

In what is probably the best tweet of them all, he tweeted:

‘Tinkle, tinkle, little czar. Putin put you where you are.’

‘Sorta gives a whole new meaning to “WikiLeaks.”‘

‘I wonder if Trump’s press conference tomorrow will have a live stream.’

Takei did stop briefly to address the fact an investigation into this matter is needed urgently.

‘In all seriousness, if Trump has been compromised by Russia, whatever dirt they have, we need a full and independent investigation. Now.’

He picked back up tweeting the priceless jokes, however. He tweeted:

‘Overheard: It seems Trump secretly loves watching The Golden Girls.’

‘Trump says the report is fake news and a witch hunt. Just ask his buddy, Bladder-mir.’

Twitter users reacted uproariously with their own tweets either expressing their love for Takei or adding to the long list of gut-busting tweets.

‘@GeorgeTakei So how does Trump get his golden showers when he travels now that he’s 70? Well, Depends…’

One user played on the Obama/Biden memes that was so popular earlier.

‘@GeorgeTakei Crying listening to Obama+laughing at you Uncle George. Oh how I’m going to need u next 4 years!’

‘This. Wins. Twitter.’

‘@GeorgeTakei You should be proud of that one. #SpitOutMyTea’

‘@GeorgeTakei Oh, bravo, sir. I think you can drop the mic now. :)’

Featured image via Getty Images / Mat Hayward.