Law Firm Representing Trump At Press Conference Just Won A Big Award In Russia (DETAILS)


You can’t make this stuff up.

If you watched the Wednesday morning Trump press conference — the first of its kind in about six months — you may remember that a woman (Sheri Dillon) took over speaking at one point. She was speaking on Trump’s behalf to lay out exactly what his plan is to “properly” take care of his business interests so as to keep conflicts of interest from springing up.

This plan is definitely dubious. It includes steps like donating any profits made by Trump hotels from stays by foreign diplomats to the U.S. treasury — something that may or may not be legal. Trump businesses will also reportedly not pursue any new contracts overseas during Trump’s tenure.

In addition, during Trump’s term in office, the president-elect announced Wednesday that he would be passing off control of his businesses to his two sons, Eric and Donald, Jr.

Mind you, that’s the farthest thing from an actual “blind trust,” which is the system that has conventionally been used to deal with incoming presidents’ assets. Just because Trump claims that he’s not going to be involved in any way, shape, or form with the decision-making processes for his many businesses doesn’t mean that such is actually the case.

It may, in fact, be forever unverifiable whether or not Trump ever has any voice in the decision-making of his businesses. Such leaves open the possibility that the little voice of Trump’s finances may whisper in his ear while he makes the manifold policy decisions that face the president of the United States on a day to day basis.

And that’s putting it softly.

The dubiousness of the plan presented aside, however, a shocking piece of information has just come out about the woman who helped Trump present his plan at Wednesday morning’s press conference.

Back in April, the “global law firm” Morgan Lewis Law, of which Dillon, who spoke at Trump’s press conference, is a part, was awarded the “Russia Law Firm of the Year” honor from Chambers and Partners.

A tweet posted in April by Chambers and Partners, an organization that tasks itself to “research the world’s best lawyers,” reads, quite simply, “Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP just scooped up the Russia Law Firm of the Year award #ChamEuroAwards.”

And we’re supposed to trust them to make sure that no still secretive aspects of Trump’s finances weigh on his presidential administration? A Russian law firm? Is that a joke?

Just in case the tweet were to be deleted, a screenshot is featured below.

Featured Image via DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images.