Melania Trump Receives Public Plea From Jeb Bush That Has The Internet Going BONKERS (DETAILS)


Like millions of others, Jeb Bush expressed his desire for soon to be first lady Melania Trump to put an end to her husband’s excessive cellphone use. She needs to get her Golden Wrecking Ball under control.

During his speech at William Waldon Cameron Forum in Texas, Florida’s former governor and GOP competitor to The Donald jokingly stated he hoped that Melania “will steal his phone, at least have a rule — after six o’clock at night, no tweets or whatever.”

Jeb is not alone, he has numerous people agreeing with him and backing him up. We all wish Trump would stay off Twitter.

Trump is known for tweeting at all hours of the night, usually bashing the last person to call him out or someone incapable of defending themselves. He doesn’t use his tiny brain to process what he is about to tweet to the world, which usually results with him putting his foot in his mouth.

Before Jeb Bush dropped out in February, the two intensely bickered during the 2016 Republican presidential debates and throughout the campaign. However, with all differences aside, Bush expressed that he wishes the best for President-elect Trump and hopes for success during his term. For some of the history of the bad blood between Jeb and Trump, see video below.

Bush is not the first to complain about Donald’s disturbing Twitter habits. Multiple lawmakers, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and Secretary of State John Kerry have also made comments regarding Trump’s insane tweets.

Even his own wife Melania told NBC’s Today during an interview back in April that she yearns for her husband to lay off Twitter. If his own wife doesn’t want to see his tweets, why would anyone else?

Prior to Election Day, The New York Times released a report stating Trump’s crew had eliminated his access to Twitter. Now Donald is back to using Twitter as his battle ground to bash, belittle, and humiliate his rivals.

As if our country isn’t already doomed by having Donald Trump as our future leader, he could at least give us all a break from his ignorant remarks. He doesn’t need any distractions to assist him in failing and give him yet another excuse to blame for his downfall.

Do us all a favor Trump and put the Twitter fingers away.

Featured image courtesy of GettyImages/ Don Emmert.