Seth MacFarlane Hilariously Mocks Trump’s Press Conference Behavior On Twitter (TWEETS)


Seth MacFarlane, actor, singer, and Family Guy creator is worried about the United States, especially after the first Donald Trump press conference in over six months. The actor tweeted “We are in Dark waters.” That is pretty dire.

MacFarlane added this:

‘I’ve never seen anything like this press conference as long as I’ve been alive.’

Wednesday morning, the president-elect raised eyebrows when he refused to take a CNN reporter’s question, according to the New York Times. Instead, Trump called the medium “Fake News.”

Trump’s thin skin was showing at the press conference, when he publicly shunned the major cable network. The night before, CNN aired breaking news about alleged intelligence reports connecting the president-elect’s campaign with Russia.

In 2011, the Family Guy creator hosted Comedy Central’s  Trump roast. The actor made fun of Trump for his often-quoted catch-phase, the one that blew people out through the doors on the reality television show The Apprentice:

‘You’re Fired!’

It irritated the actor that Trump ended his press conference with his TV catch-phrase. So MacFarlane came up with his own catch-phrase:

‘The “anti-Hollywood” candidate ended his press conference with his TV CATCHPHRASE [sic]. So, if I’m ever Pres, I get to end with “What the deuce?”‘

Then one of MacFarlane’s fans came up with another possible catchphrase:

‘Victory Is Mine!’

Seth MacFarlane started out as an animator and writer for Cartoon Network Studios. He also worked for Walt Disney Animation on Jungle Cubs, and also developed The Life of Larry. Then FOX asked him to create the pilot for Family Guy. Since then, he has created American Dad! and The Cleveland Show.

More recently MacFarlane wrote, directed, and starred in A Million Ways To Die In The West, Ted, and Ted 2. He supported Hillary Clinton during the last presidential campaign, and his popularity has created a wide audience for his advocacy.

MacFarlane retweeted one of comedian turned Minnesota’s Democratic senator Al Franken tweets:

During the near-president’s press conference, Trump also came down hard on the intelligence community, blaming them for allegedly leaking an intelligence report. That did not help the inflamed relationship between the 17 intelligence agencies and Trump, because the intelligence community was simply doing its job of informing the president and president-elect.

One of MacFarlane’s fans offered his own bit of creative humor about Trump’s catch-phrase:

‘Deuce or douche?’

Good question.

Featured Image: Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez.