Twitter Perfectly Slams Trump For Calling CNN ‘Fake News’ During Press Conference (TWEETS)


The Twitterverse lashed back at President-elect Trump during a press conference today, where he insulted several major news organizations and dodged their questions arbitrarily.

It may now be a lot clearer why President-elect Donald Trump’s last press conference was in July. The real estate mogul does not play well with others, and may prove to be one of the most guarded, non-transparent presidents in modern history.

During his press conference on Wednesday, Trump decided which questions he would address and from which news organizations, leaving those following along on social media in a rage for slamming CNN reporter, Jim Acosta and refusing to answer his questions because of the network’s Tuesday coverage of a leaked document claiming that Russia held “dirt” on the incoming president.

During the altercation, Trump pointed at a CNN reporter who was attempting to ask questions and flat-out refused to let the reporter ask questions or answer them because of CNN’s reports.

Trump then went on to point out the front row of attending reporters, calling them fake as well.

Responses on twitter came for followers and critics alike:

Young Turks host John Iadarola posted:

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, a journalist herself, cheered CNN reporter Jim Acosta on from the sidelines.

Other Twitizens cheered on the journalists as well:

At one point during the conference, Trump stated that leaking the documents that have been floating around Washington for months to the public was something that the Nazis would do, and comedy writer Nick Jack Pappas responded:

‘Trump is right about one thing. Watching him bully reporters who disagree with him is a lot like Nazi Germany.’

Journalist Laurie Penny live-tweeted the event and was horrified at Trump’s behavior toward the press:

‘Trump insists that the press are “fake news” at his own press conference. This is very very bad indeed.’

‘When they try to hold him accountable, he literally points and yells and tells them they will suffer the consequences.’

Shannon Watts, anti-gun activist and founder of Moms Demand, pointing out Trump’s usual hypocrisy, quoting Trump’s comments at the press conference regarding how he had seen people’s lives destroyed by “fake news.” Watt’s then shared a screenshot of Trump’s tweet saying that an “incredibly credible source” has told him that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was fake.

Actor Tommy Campbell also noted the hypocrisy of Trump’s whining about “fake news”:

‘Trump spent ages insisting Obama born in Kenya citing “extremely credible source” and now he’s crying about fake news.’

Included in the accusations of hypocrisy were comments about Trump’s love of Breitbart, an alt-right opinion site that carries fake stories in order to destroy liberal organizations and hype right-wing paranoia.

The Huffington Post’s Wajahat Ali added:

@CNN & @BuzzFeed are “Fake news” but @Breitbart is bastion of truth & objective journalism, yes? This is so shameful.’

Others just got straight to the point:

Some commenters felt that the press should create solidarity and hold the president-elect’s feet to fire over the issue. Including author Harry Leslie Smith:

‘Thing is the moment Trump refused to take question from CNN the rest of the media in that room should have protested. #TrumpPressConference.’

Others are concerned that reporters will give up trying to hold this new president accountable:

They may have a point. If Donald Trump is going to begin arbitrarily deciding which reporters can access him and what they will be allowed to report on, we’re in more trouble than breaking the budget with a wall across the southern border.

After all, manipulating the press is how we ended up with this incompetent, orange blowhard in office in the first place. How much more damage can he do if no one, not even the leadership in his own party, not even a constitutionally protected free press, can hold him accountable.

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