WATCH: Massive Protests Erupt During Rex Tillerson’s Confirmation Hearing (VIDEO)


Capitol police removed a wide variety of protesters from the former ExxonMobile CEO and Secretary of State nominee for Donald Trump, Rex Tillerson Senate hearing Wednesday. Well before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing gavel banged, capitol police began removing the first group of protesters.

Protesters lined up well before the hearings began early Tuesday morning. These groups included anti-war Code Pink protesters and climate change activists.

Medea Benjamin co-founded Code Pink, which is an anti-war and human rights group made up of primarily women.

The Code Pink protesters claimed some of the very limited seats in the Tillerson hearing room. Owing to the protesters’ prior disruptions at the Senate hearings of Alabama’s Republican senator and Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions, police began removing the Code Pink protesters, even before the hearing introductions began.

Once the hearings began, environmental activists were crowded into the hearing room wearing t-shirts reading #ExxonKnew. This refers to Tillerson’s energy giant ExxonMobil, which mines fossil fuels and greatly affects climate change.

Additional civil liberties activists sat in the room in silent protest for global human rights.

The Donald Trump choice looked irritated as the real action began, when the first protester held up a sign behind Tillerson and within the camera’s eye. This sign read:


This is another view of the woman being ejected:

Within minutes @Remmagolds stood up with her sign, shouting  @Remmagolds is a campaigner for clean energy, science, and Social Justice. She shouted:

 ‘My home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy! Rex Tillerson, I reject you!’

Great Britain’s BBC caught the woman on video from a different angle.

The woman continued to disrupt the hearing, shouting:

‘Don’t put Exxon in charge of the State Department.’

Another woman interrupted the hearing, shouting:

‘Protect my grandchildren.’

Barely minutes later, the protester shouted:

‘Senators be brave!’

As the hearings continued, the participants could hear another group of people in the hallway, just outside of the room. They were chanting:

‘Reject Rex!’

People do not like Donald Trump’s choice for the important roll of Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. But that begs the question, will that matter?.

Featured Image: POLITICO’s Twitter page.