White House Reminds Trump About His Birther Days After He Refuses To Release Tax Returns


Earlier today, Trump was back on Twitter again.

With that tweet, Trump has once again used social media, not legitimate evidence, to prove his point.  Trump’s gross lack of regard for America’s right to see proof that no deals or otherwise dishonest or questionable dealings have taken place is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated.


In a metaphorical “mic drop,” White House Spokesman Josh Earnest called for Trump to display transparency by furnishing whatever documentation that would clear his name and practice what he preached regarding President Obama’s birth certificate.

‘There’s ample evidence that they could marshal, to make public, to refute those claims, those accusations that they say are baseless. But they refuse to do so. That kind of secrecy only serves to sow public doubt.’

When trouble-making dissenters, Trump included, questioned President Obama’s citizenship, Obama and the White House responded by providing his birth certificate. They didn’t have to, but they did.  The fact is that he wouldn’t have been permitted to file to run for the office if he wasn’t a citizen, but to appease the people stirring up trouble and to show himself as a man of honor and integrity who cares about how he is perceived by the people he serves, President Obama submitted to the media and the entire world what was being asked of him.

President Obama’s birth certificate wasn’t enough for Trump.  Almost a year after President Obama released his birth certificate, Trump went to Twitter with this claim:

We still don’t know who Trump’s ‘extremely credible source’ is, but we do know that Trump continues to discredit himself by not releasing his tax returns, financial documents that would prove him free of conflicts of interests and now, most importantly, proof that he has no ties to the Russian government that we know may have major intelligence on him.

Trump’s ties to Russia could have huge ramifications for foreign policies with not just Russia, but every world power.  If by chance President Obama wasn’t a citizen (which he is), trade, climate change, matters of currency, and other important issues would not have been adversely impacted.

What’s the difference between President Obama and Trump?  Why was President Obama expected to prove his citizenship to Trump and others years after being elected and even post-birth certificate submission, yet Trump hasn’t provided simple documentation that would clear his name?  Why isn’t Trump, holding himself to the same standards that he so proudly held President Obama to?

Why aren’t some Americans as quick to demand Trump’s financial records as they were President Obama’s birth certificate and why is any of this okay?  Was it ‘fake news‘ when certain right and alt-right media outlets and politicans reported that Mr. Obama wasn’t a US citizen?

Featured image via Getty/The Washington Post