CNN’s Don Lemon Gives Trump A Taste Of His Own Medicine – Twitter On High Alert (VIDEO)


CNN is making it quite clear that they won’t be bullied by Trump’s attempts to silence them. This time Don Lemon is weighing in on Trump’s badgering, name calling meltdown during Wednesday’s press conference.

Standing up for his colleague, Lemon said:

‘I saw Sean Spicer on Fox News and he said that you were rude and I thought when he called you fake news, what if you’d call him a fake president. For him to say that you were rude was just completely ironic to me.’

Spicer’s comments were ironic. The notion that a White House official can describe a seated reporter, who never once raised his voice, respectfully addressed Trump by his title and used proper protocol where attempting to be heard, as ‘rude,’ is absurd.

Spicer’s comments are especially ironic and misplaced since Trump reduced himself to publicly calling a reputable media source and seasoned reporter who has covered four presidents, “fake.” Lemon appropriately made the connection between Trump’s and his staff’s ability to do and say what they want with the expectation that the targets of their words and actions be silent and take how they’re treated, only for Trump and his staff to come back and play the victim.

It doesn’t get more undiplomatic, hypocritical or childish than that.

Lemon also used his air time to remind his colleagues of media etiquette. Saying that the reporter who followed Acosta should have yielded to Acosta or at bare minimum asked Acosta’s question, Don Lemon held no punches as he reminded people that it was CNN that was censored Wednesday, but it will be someone else another day.

Supporting Lemon’s assertion that Trump likely won’t stop at attempting to tarnish CNN’s reputation, Jim Acosta pointed out:

‘This President, his team, they do not have a respect for the First Amendment the way that other presidents have. We are in a new environment.’

We are in a “new environment,” one that can/will quickly lead to even more resemblances to Nazi Germany and Hitler’s censorship tactics, if people don’t organize and fight against Trump’s fast-developing pattern of controlling what the American people know, how they hear it and who tells it.

US citizens must rally behind CNN. Whether you agree with their past reporting or not, right now they’re the example that will be come the norm, if you remain silent. Trump hasn’t even taken his oath of office and he is, in true dictator fashion, already silencing those challenging him. Zora Neale Hurston said it best:

‘If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.’

Featured image via Getty/SAUL LOEB /Staff