Don Lemon Laughs In The Face Of Trump Supporter Who Downplays Russian Hacking (VIDEO)


CNN‘s Don Lemon totally trapped former Apprentice contestant Andy Dean during a panel on Wednesday night, as he attempted to compare Russia’s interference in the presidential election to Theresa May and Angela Merkel’s support for Hillary Clinton.

‘I think Putin probably wanted Trump to win, but I also think that Merkel wanted Hillary Clinton to win and Theresa May wanted Hillary Clinton to win.’

After making such an outrageous comparison, Lemon proceeded with a more direct question:

‘Do you believe the intelligence that Russians interfered with the election?’

Dean tried to get away without answering, claiming that the answer isn’t “that cut-and-dry,” but Lemon pushed on, telling him it’s a “yes or no” answer.

‘I’ll say no and the reason why I’ll say no is that the main crux of the argument is that Vladimir Putin hacked, or had his team hack John Podesta’s emails when his password was actually the word “password,” which any teenager could break in. And also Julian Assange from WikiLeaks said that Podesta’s emails were not provided by the Russians.’

Lemon then proceeded to play the clip of President-elect Trump saying he believes Russia was responsible for the hacking, to which Dean responded:

‘I think Donald’s got a great point here. And right, the hacking could come from Russia, China hacks, there’s a 400-lb man in his bed that hacks.’

Dean went on, telling the panel that the media wasn’t “freaking out” when China or Chelsea Manning was doing it. He tried to justify Russia’s hacking by saying:

‘Snowden became a liberal hero.’

Laughing, Lemon exclaimed:

‘I have to laugh to keep myself from crying.’

After what can only be described as an absolutely insane comparison, Lemon told Dean:

‘You’re not making any sense man. I’m sorry. I hate to be the bearer of bad news.’

Clearly, Dean hadn’t heard about Trump’s comments from earlier in the day. But then again, Trump flip-flops so frequently it’s pretty hard to keep up with his opinions from day to day. Needless to say, however, Trump really ought to choose better people to represent him on television.

Watch the clip below, via YouTube:

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