CNN Makes Donald Trump/Fake News Announcement – Awaiting Donald’s Response (VIDEO)


For those of you who are curious how CNN would make a come back after being criticized by President-elect Donald Trump, watch the beginning of AC360 below.

Trump’s team’s reactions to the initial reports of the two-page abstract were berated by the quartet of Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Jim Sciutto, and Jim Acosta.

Cooper called out Kellyanne Conway for “misleading on two points” in their dispute last night. Cooper again made it clear that CNN’s reporting was original and disassociated from Buzzfeed’s. Cooper showed a clip of Kellyanne talking about the consequences to be faced at CNN if their reports turn out to be false, and then he said:

“Given what’s happened today… it seems like that’s a better question for her. I agree with Kellyanne Conway. If we were wrong, we would admit it. But we were not wrong. She was. The question is will she hold herself and her team to the same standard?”

After Cooper brought on his co-workers, Tapper mentioned:

“this has been the modus operandi for President-elect Trump and his team, to say what they believe to be true even if it is disputed by facts, and then stick with it… It’s a fact-free campaign.”

All four men spoke in regards to their reports being supported by tonight’s follow-up and also by Vice President Joe Biden and DNI head James Clapper. Sciutto declared his worries that Trump “went out with an inaccurate presentation of the facts.”  Sciutto also discussed the topic of  “a hostility to facts… and a concerted effort by Donald Trump and his team to call into question the very existence of facts, the very existence of non-partisan news.”

Acosta, who was told directly by Trump that CNN is fake news, added this:

“There’s something worse than fake news and that’s the denial of real news… They’re just not in command of the facts. This has been a pattern for the Trump campaign and now the Trump transition where they don’t like the news that’s being reported and they go after the messenger.”

Watch the full clip below:

Featured image screengrab via video.