Democrats Deliver A Defiant Announcement After Sitting For Hearings On FBI Leader (DETAILS)


There are new top-secret details regarding fraudulent activities that took place in order for Republican candidate Donald Trump to win the 2016 presidential election. Those details were disclosed to members of the U.S. Congress on Friday morning.

After leaving a confidential briefing on Friday, House Democrats are furious over FBI Director James Comey’s response to the Russian election hacking. Multiple lawmakers who participated in Friday’s briefing noted they’d lost trust in Comey and are now certain that he is not the best person to lead the agency. Seems like the more they dig, more dirt is being discovered. Donald didn’t win the popular vote on his own, he won by having people on the inside working for him.

Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN) said:

“I was non-judgmental until the last 15 minutes. I no longer have that confidence in him. Some of the things that were revealed in this classified briefing — my confidence has been shook.”

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) mentioned that he was particularly worried about the information that was uncovered, which was classified.

If Cummings is worried, i’m sure the rest of the U.S. would be overwhelmingly troubled by the new details.

One of the men in the meeting, Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) was so disturbed by the recent information he had learned that he was unable to finish a complete sentence. He only got out these few words:

“I’ll just — I’m very angry.”

Can you blame him? Considering there were more details released that most likely revealed more corruption on Trump’s part, I’d be speechless too.

The intelligence committee reported to President Barack Obama and also President-elect Donald Trump that they believed the Democratic group was breached by Russia in order to help the Republican candidate win the election. Of course he had help, there was no other way anyone in their right mind would choose Trump to be the leader of the U.S. knowing he is going to destroy it.

As the director of the FBI, Comey has received a lot of backlash after revealing another phase in the exploration of Hillary Clinton’s personal emails just weeks before the election. The U.S. inspector general unleashed a new investigation into the actions that had taken place within the agency the Thursday before the election.

There are claims that Attorney General Loretta Lynch made Comey’s life very difficult, even more so following the meeting she had with Bill Clinton. Democrats left the briefing enraged in an uproar and unable to speak of the new details that were unveiled.

Walz bitterly said:

“I’ll wait to pass full judgment, but the exchange that just happened in the final 15 minutes gives me no reason to have confidence.”

To look back at Comey’s original statement regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, see video below:

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