Fox News Troll Tries To Put Jesse Jackson On The Spot – His Response Was Perfect (VIDEO)


Earlier this week, President Obama returned to Chicago to deliver his farewell address. The president’s speech was heartfelt and brought many people — both those present at the event and those watching at home — to tears. However, what should have been an uplifting evening was tainted somewhat by the presence of Fox News commentator Jesse Watters.

Watters, who has a regular segment on Bill O’Reilly’s show called “Watters’ World,” showed up at the event to troll attendees. True to form, Watters asked the people who were gathered for the address a variety of irritating questions, including “are you gonna cry tonight?”

It seems that no one was safe from Watters’ inane questioning, not even popular scientist and educator Bill Nye. However, Watters got more than he bargained for when he decided to question Rev. Jesse Jackson, a renowned civil rights activist and two-time Democratic presidential candidate.

Instead of talking about President Obama, Watters decided to ask Jackson, who was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton, “What happened with Hillary?”

Jackson gave the perfect response, and he couldn’t help but remind Watters that the American people overwhelmingly chose Clinton over Trump. He said:

‘Well somewhere between Russian hacking and corruption and voter suppression may give you an answer.

‘After all, she did get 3 million more votes.’

Jackson’s quick comeback appeared to silence Watters for a moment. However, the commentator quickly moved on to continue trolling other guests at the event.

Rev. Jackson was highly critical of Donald Trump throughout the election. He even penned a scathing op-ed for the Chicago Sun Times calling Trump out for his racist rhetoric and arguing that black voters would have much to lose if he became the country’s next president.

While Jackson accused Trump of not having the best interests of black voters at heart, he argued the opposite about Clinton when he praised her during his speech at the Democratic National Convention. He said about Clinton:

‘Hillary understands the historic dimensions of the agony, hope and promise of Black Lives Matter. She knows our scars and our suffering.’

Watch Watters’ segment in the video below, available via YouTube. Rev. Jackson’s remarks start at around the 1:46 mark.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.