The Host Of ‘Family Feud’ Just Announced His Role On The Presidential Transition Team


TV game show host Steve Harvey secured a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower on Friday, at the behest, Harvey says, of President Barack Obama’s transition team. Trump can use all the help he can get, particularly when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of people of color in America. As reported by Fox News, Harvey met with Trump on Friday, connected in phone conference with Department of Housing and Urban Development designate Ben Carson. According to Harvey, the transition teams from both camps reached out to him last week, and Obama’s team asked him to meet with the president-elect. Harvey said that they discussed inner city issues, saying Trump wanted to “do something.”

‘He [Trump] realizes he needs some allies in that department. He seemed really sincere about it.”

According to Reuters, Harvey said that Carson and Trump need his help figuring out ways to improve life in the inner cities.

‘They have a plan for the inner cities but they need some help and so that’s why they called me. So we’ll see what I can do.’

Harvey seems to have balanced the fence in regard to his fellow celeb’s rise to the presidency. Just recently, he admonished Trump for his childish Twitter behavior comparing about Saturday Night Live last month on The View. Although Harvey called Trump “the most exciting candidate” in March of 2016, he officially endorsed Hillary Clinton, saying he felt he should vote in the interest of the majority of citizens. Harvey told reporters that Trump seemed truly sincere about his desire to improve the lives of urban families, and according to Harvey, he was inspired to get involved because of the words of President Barack Obama. ‘It’s just me following orders from my friend President Obama, who said, Steve, you gotta — as he told everybody — “Get out from behind your computer, stop tweeting and texting — and get out there and sit down and talk.”

‘So, I stepped from behind my microphone and came to talk to the guy who’s going to be the 45th president of the United States. ‘I did what I was supposed to do.’

When asked by reporters at Trump Tower about a political career of his own, Harvey responded, laughing:

‘It’s not my jump into politics. I ain’t going to pass a background check.’

Harvey was recently dropped in hot water with viewers when a video of him making racist statements about Asian men during taping of his “Family Feud” show was circulated online. According to Harvey, he and Trump shared a few laughs:

‘We laughed a little bit. I ain’t been laughing that much the past few days they’ve been beating me up on the Internet.’

Harvey also stated that he would not be attending the inauguration, as he and his wife would be travelling for his birthday.

‘I won’t be at anybody’s inauguration, because my wife said no.’

Watch Harvey talk with reporters in the Fox New in the video below:

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