Hungarian Miss Universe Just Made A Huge Trump/Russia Announcement – Get Ready


Miss Hungary entered the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, but then it went all wrong. Kata Sarla claimed that Donald Trump invited her to his hotel room after the pageant, according to the Hungarian Free Press. The woman claimed the president-elect allegedly chased her after the 2013 beauty pageant. Sarla is married to a Hungarian TV talk show host, Peter Hajdu.

The former beauty queen gave a newly unearthed interview with well-known Hungarian TV host Kasza Tibor in May 2016, according to the Hungarian publication.

The New York Daily News reported that Sarla discussed meeting Trump in that interview. During the Moscow pageant after-party, a man surrounded by bodyguards allegedly approached the 30-year-old woman and “grabbed her hand.” Sarla said:

‘We were in Russia, at the final for the Miss Universe and then a man approached me and grabbed my hand, drew me to himself, and asked “Who are you?” He asked in English and I was so embarrassed, I will tell you shortly who he is, I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t say anything else but “Hungary!”‘

Hungarian host Tibor laughed, and the New York Daily News reported he said:

‘You’re so lame!’

Sarla was laughing as she continued with the interview, and the New York Daily News said:

‘And then he said, “And why are you here?” And he gave me his business card with his private number and told me in which hotel and which room he is staying in. And his name is Donald Trump.’

The New York Daily News reported that after the U.S. presidential election, Sarka allegedly told the Hungarian publication Blikk that she kept his “golden-hued” business card and let the paper’s photographer take a photo of it.

When the TV host asked her why she did not accept the man’s offer, she replied:

‘He’s not my type!’

The Hungarian woman’s story has allegedly stirred up a huge controversy, because Hungary is desperate to establish a friendly relationship with Trump.

Featured Image: Daily Mail Twitter page.