NAACP Makes Historic Announcement To Trump After He Disrespected A Civil Rights Icon


The NAACP is not tolerating the arrogance and disrespect of President-elect, Donald Trump. After Trump’s remarks about civil rights hero, John Lewis on Saturday, half the country stood united against the blatant and ignorant diss sent out via Twitter.

Trump tweeted this:

Trump went way too far this time, causing various people to speak out in defense of Lewis. Finally, the NAACP has had enough of Trump’s unbridled fly trap. The president of the NAACP, Cornell William Brooks, is demanding that Donald Trump issue an apology to the American hero, at the very least.

Brooks tweeted:

Trump disrespected Lewis after Lewis said publicly that he didn’t think Trump was a “legitimate president.” The warranted question fell on deaf ears in Trump Tower, as the orange dictator immediately took to his Twitter page to fire off the first thing that came to his mind.

Trump attacked Lewis’ district, calling it “crime infested” and “falling apart,” which was later masterfully¬†debunked by Lewis’ constituents. The district is actually doing quite well.

This may have been Trump’s biggest screw-up yet, as pretty much everyone agrees that John Lewis is a national treasure that should be held with high honor, not targeted by a reality TV star who stumbled upon a presidency.

Apologize now Trump, the NAACP demands it. America demands it.

Time to man up.