The Internet Just Responded To Donald Bashing Icon John Lewis – Prepare For Trump Tantrum


The U.S. is still very much divided by matters of skin color and more as a result of election 2016. Trump has had several opportunities to heal and unify but has instead opted to take a divide and conquer approach.  His comments about John Lewis (D-GA) add insult to an already injured country.

Friday, Lewis said:

‘I don’t see this President-elect as a legitimate president. I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.’

Staying true to himself, Trump took to Twitter to respond to Lewis.

The internet is once again expressing their displeasure with Trump.  Some of the people weighing in just so happen to be pretty prominent.

Ripped from their rich homelands in Africa against their will, brought to America under the worst conditions, forced to farm land that was stolen from the Natives, their families separated, women raped and beaten, men used as sex slaves, children forced to live without the nurturing of their parents – these are just a few of the conditions faced by slaves during American slavery which started sometime around 1619. After slavery, there were Jim Crow laws in America’s South.

Brown children couldn’t play with white ones, brown people couldn’t vote/weren’t considered citizens in a country they farmed and built, there were separate facilities of all kinds (schools, jails, hospitals, etc.) for brown and white people, “n*gger” was the most common way to address someone with brown skin, these are just a few of the conditions that Africans, West Indians and their descendants faced in America after legal slavery ended in 1865.  Jim Crow as laws were somewhat made illegal with The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (which has been dramatically watered down), but Election 2016, the KKK’s official and loud/proud endorsement of Donald Trump and the racial epitaphs often clearly heard at Trump rallies serve as reminders that Jim Crow as laws may not exist, but racism does and has for the hundreds of years brown people have been in America.

This is what John Lewis risked his life to fight against on Bloody Sunday and every day that he marched, wrote, protested, etc. Trump does not get to disrespect or otherwise speak against that in any way, shape, form or fashion.

White privilege means you can make comments about a Civil Rights’ icon’s struggling district while simultaneously creating and supporting policies that are the reason why that district and those like it, are struggling. While Trump may try to justify his comments as him just “sticking to the issues,” he continues to forget that paramount of “the issues” are divisive and passive-aggressive Jim Crow-like policies that he and others, encourage.  Without ever having to live as part of a group that has been and continues to be systemically marginalized, under-served and under-represented, Donald Trump does not get to make comments like the one he made.

Maybe Trump and whomever let him speak out of place should watch this video to be reminded of just why John Lewis deserve respect:


Featured Image via Getty/Bill Clark