Willie Nelson Wrote An Amazing New Song About Donald Trump – Just Wait Till You Hear It


Like any good artist knows, terrible things can be turned into art, and that’s exactly what country music legend Willie Nelson did with his latest single. Following the results of the 2016 presidential election, Nelson took to the studio to write a Trump-inspired song that would adequately express just how he feels about four years under Trump’s leadership.

“Delete and Fast-Forward,” the song written about our soon-to-be commander-in-chief, will be featured on Nelson’s upcoming album, God’s Problem Child.

Nelson spoke to Rolling Stone to discuss the upcoming album, and when asked about the Trump-inspired tune, he described it by singing a verse:

‘Delete and fast-forward, my friend/ The elections are over and nobody wins/ But don’t worry too much, you’ll go crazy again/ Delete and fast forward, my friend.’

Nelson, a well-known marijuana aficionado, owns a Colorado-based company that legally sells marijuana, called “Willie’s Reserve.” When Rolling Stone asked him whether he fears that the Trump administration will tighten the regulation of marijuana, he responded by saying:

‘Who cares?’ he shot back. I didn’t have any problem finding marijuana when it was illegal, and now that it’s legal, it’s still no problem. Making it illegal again won’t stop people from smoking. They should have learned that back in prohibition days.’

In fact, the 83-year-old is pretty proud of his toking habit, even recently taking to Twitter to thank Snoop-Dogg for sending him a Christmas sweater that says “Smoke Weed Everyday” across the front of it:


In the past, Nelson and Snoop-Dogg collaborated on the song “My Medicine,” which of course involved getting high together before ending up at KFC to satisfy their “munchies.”

God’s Problem Child features several new singles that Nelson co-wrote with longtime producer Buddy Cannon. Speaking about writing songs with Cannon, Nelson told Rolling Stone the pair “have a system that works.”

‘I write a verse and he’ll write a verse and next thing you know, we’ve got a song completed,’ he explained. ‘Then we’ll get a melody, and he’ll go in the studio with a band to record it and put his vocal on there. Then when I get a chance, I go in the studio and I’ll record my vocal. Over the years, we put out four or five albums. It’s been really easy to do it that way.’

Nelson was an avid Sanders and Clinton supporter prior to the election, but is seemingly unafraid and unconcerned about the next four years under the thumb of President-Trump.

Feature Image via Getty Images.