*Hacker Group Anonymous Broke Their Silence After Trump Went Too Far On Twitter


Anonymous made a promise not long ago, and we’re all waiting on them to deliver.

After attacking Civil Rights hero John Lewis with ridiculous claims and throwing a tantrum about Saturday Night Live‘s portrayal of him, Trump stepped into some deep and murky waters by accusing the head of the CIA of “leaking” classified information to the media.

It’s so ironic that Trump, who paints himself as the leader of the anti-fake news movement against legitimate news sources like CNN when they report things he doesn’t like seems to love spreading false accusations and lies about others. Remember the non-existent Alicia Muchado sex tapes?

The real truth about Trump, however, has yet to be exposed. That may change if Anonymous keeps the promise they made. His accusations against the intelligence community have not slowed down, either. He has, in fact, ramped them up.

Anonymous, the online hacker group, were silent for many months. After bursting back onto the scene with some serious threats against Trump, the world waits for them to deliver on those threats.

Has Anonymous found a way to answer American voters’ questions on the “compromising financial and personal” information that Russia claims to have on the new president-elect?

As more and more concerning information comes out on the new president and his campaign officials’ ties to Russia, isn’t now the time?

Featured image screengrab via YouTube