Loopy Kellyanne Conway Goes On ‘Fox & Friends’ To Set The Record Straight On Russia (VIDEO)


On Sunday top Trump adviser, Kellyanne Conway, criticized U.S. intelligence agencies for leaking information about Russia election hacking to help Trump get elected, insists that it should have been kept private to “protect the public.”

Clearly, Conway has some strange ideas about protecting the public, but this isn’t exactly shocking to many considering she’s known for deflecting and denying.

On Sunday the Trump adviser and former campaign manager to President-elect Donald Trump sat down with the hosts of Fox News show Fox & Friends. When host Clayton Morris asked Conway about Trump’s upcoming meeting with FBI Director James Comey Conway pulled a typical move, ignoring the host and launching into a tirade about leaks that came from U.S. Intelligence agencies.

Conway said:

‘I’m always disappointed how public and sometimes political some of these figures can seem to be. I’m very concerned, very concerned. You realize it is the Trump team, only us at this time, that is not divulging what occurred in a classified briefing.’

‘Ladies and gentlemen, it’s called a classified briefing for a reason. You had the vice president of the United States making a comment about it the other day. You have intelligence officials confirming or denying. This is classified information, it’s top secret. Why is it top secret? It’s not top secret to keep it from the public, but to protect the public.’

In that same interview, Conway tried to defend Donald Trump’s reactionary behavior, attacking people who dare to speak ill of him. Conway doesn’t seem to think that Trump is doing anything wrong, and even spun her take on it to make Trump seem like some sort of heroic martyr.

Conway insisted:

‘But when he’s attacked everybody just says, “he should be the bigger man.” But why is he attacked in the first place?’

A Fox co-host chimed in:

‘I’m not saying he should be the bigger man, I’m saying shouldn’t he just ignore it?’

Conway immediately went into spin mode:

‘Let me tell you something, that man ignores plenty. he has had an unprecedented deluge of attacks, gratuitous and personal attacks against him. I actually think it’s the strength of a leader, somebody who can make himself so impervious to moves of his nay-sayers and critics.’

Except that’s not true at all. How can Conway, with a straight face, say that the amount of personal attacks Trump has received are “unprecedented”? Did she miss the last 8 years? It’s laughable to even consider that Donald Trump has faced even a fraction of the adversity Barack Obama has. If you find yourself unconvinced of Conway’s words the good news is you’re immune to her double-talk.

You can watch the Fox & Friends clip in the video below:

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