Mayor Of Atlanta Releases Scathing Comeback to Trump’s Attack On Lewis And His District


The people of Atlanta are furious, and rightfully so, following President-elect Donald Trump’s distasteful Saturday tweets.

Donald Trump slammed John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and civil rights hero after Lewis expressed that he didn’t believe Trump to be a “legitimate president” and would therefore not be attending his inauguration.

In Trump’s twitter response, he targeted Lewis’ district claiming it is in “horrible shape” and “crime-infested.” John Lewis represents the fifth congressional district of Georgia, which includes most of Atlanta. And with any big city, there are wealthy sections and impoverished sections.

In a moving front-page piece, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) calls out President-elect Trump, denouncing his comments about the district and John Lewis:

‘[The people of Atlanta see] Trump as clueless about everything from Atlanta’s thriving intown neighborhoods to the beating Lewis took years ago as he marched in Alabama for voting rights. Brushing off the accomplishments of Lewis, who is widely revered by many Americans well beyond Georgia, went too far.’

Here’s what the front-page story looked like:


In a second article, the AJC provides some statistical information to invalidate Trump’s comments. It identifies that the district:

‘[Has] a median household income… slightly higher than Georgia’s median,… nearly nine out of ten residents of the Fifth District [are] high school graduates,…about four out of ten residents had at least a bachelor’s degree, …[and] about half of the civilian work force worked in a field grouped by the Census as “management, business, science and arts occupations.’

This is a district that is proud of its accomplishments, its people and despite being urban and facing some related challenges, is thriving. They note that this district which Trump suggests is struggling “includes the headquarters of the Coca-Cola Company, …Delta Air Lines, …Georgia Tech and Emory University, …the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and many of the city’s major cultural and arts institutions.”

Furthermore, 2015 statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicate that 13 cities have higher rates of violent crime than Atlanta. How does Trump feel then about these cities, or does he disregard American intelligence statistics as well?

To make matters worse, the mayor of Atlanta felt compelled to send the president-elect a series of strongly worded tweets:

‘@RepJohnLewis is an American hero & a national treasure. Period. Full stop.’

‘That PEOTUS Trump would attack Congressman Lewis on MLK Day Weekend for “all talk…no action”, when he bled to actually “Make America Great”… is why far less than half the country supports him at the dawn of his presidency. #HeStoodUpForUs #LetsStandForHim’

Feature Image via Twitter/Kasim Reed.