Ann Coulter Wins Racist Twitizen Of The Year, Just In Time For MLK Day (TWEET)


Most of the country took a moment to honor the sacrifices of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday and to thank him, and others like him, for helping Americans come closer to honoring the wishes of our Founders by creating a more perfect union wherein the inalienable rights of all are recognized.

It seems like even Ann Coulter got the message, because rather than attacking African-Americans, she decided to attack Mexican immigrants, instead. A day without blatant racism, after all, is a day without sunshine for Ms. Coulter.

Because that’s what Coulter sells for a living.

On Monday, Coulter retweeted another rabid Trumpster with a racist crack about Mexican immigrants and then followed up with the most condescending and racist tweet of the year.

‘Give a migrant a fish and you’ll feed him for the day. Deport him and local girls won’t get raped.’

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And you can tell that racism and hate is the snake oil Coulter is selling, because it certainly has nothing to do with the facts. An article from Business Insider suggests that the number of women being sexually assaulted is lower when the number of illegal immigrants is higher after reviewing statistical data.

But Coulter wasn’t finished peddling her hateful wares. Shortly afterward, she added her on 2 cents on the subject of immigration:

‘On MLK day recall affirm action is for black citizens born of slavery NOT white Latinos born of conquistador rapists.’

Coulter has been riding the racist coattails of Donald Trump since the beginning of his campaign, which began with the former TV reality star calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “drug dealers.”

Even Trump is having a hard time pushing this position with his party, with the more respectable of its members repeatedly taking the orange-tinted real estate conman to task for his outrageous statements.

But Coulter has nothing other than this agenda of hatred and fear of the unknown to sell her books. And it doesn’t matter if any of it is true, because deep down, she knows that keeping her following and keeping her bills paid means catering to the most vulnerable Americans who feel lost in a rapidly changing demographic niche.

Coulter had become increasingly irrelevant until her pro-Trump book landed her back in the spotlight. By jumping on Trump’s anti-immigrant stance, she soon found a renewed interest from America’s most racist.

The Washington Post noted Coulter’s flagging book sales in 2011, two years after CNN noticed the same trend in 2009. During the Obama presidency, hope and change was at the top of the menu, and hate and racism was definitely not on-trend.

But with the announcement of the campaign of Donald Trump and support for his anti-immigration rhetoric, Coulter is trying to cash in again.

But Trump doesn’t seem to have noticed her unwavering support. On the launch day of her In Trump We Trust book last August, Trump announced that he might soften his stance on immigration.

And even with the popularity of Trump late last summer after his surprising, and one might even say, inspirational win of the Republican nomination, sales of Coulter’s Trump book were disappointing, even with deep discounts.

Now that her publisher’s obligatory promotional support has probably expired, Coulter has to do what she can to get more attention for her “product” — divisive tomes full of vitriol and hatred — by dropping little samples for free on Twitter to see who she can hook with her rabid, racial purist agenda.

Earlier this month, Coulter went on another Twitter frenzy, dropping White Nationalist watchwords.

It’s hard to know if Coulter actually believes the racial hatred she peddles. But with a net worth of approximately $8.5 million, it probably doesn’t really matter to her anymore. After all, Coulter is more interested in the ends than the means, epitomized in a quote to The Daily Beast in 2015, saying of Mitt Romney:

‘If he had to be Adolf Hitler but managed to take out Teddy [Kennedy], I would salute him to end that menace.’

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