Childish Sean Spicer Just Sunk To A New All-Time Low On ‘Fox & Friends’ (VIDEO)


On Martin Luther King Day, we use the day to look back on the work and ultimate sacrifice of one man for the sake of Civil Rights. We also use the opportunity to look at other Civil Rights leaders who gave their time, their safety, and their well being to fight for the rights of all African-Americans.

Unless, of course, you are President-elect Donald Trump’s press secretary. Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer used his time on Fox News this morning to criticize living Civil Rights icon and legend Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga).

The drama surrounding Trump and Lewis started when Lewis criticized Trump on NBC, calling him an “illegitimate president.” Trump, of course, responded via Twitter, attacking Lewis and claiming he was “all talk, talk, talk.”

Trump faced harsh backlash after his tweets. Not that it mattered much. He still hasn’t apologized. And his press secretary isn’t apologizing either. Spicer appeared on Fox & Friends on Monday and responded to the fiasco by practically lecturing a man that’s seen way more and done more than Spicer could ever hope to accomplish.

When host Ainsley Earhardt asked Spicer if there was anything Trump could say to Lewis to smooth things over, he started off by bragging that Trump would be meeting with Martin Luther King III today to talk about Dr. King and the disenfranchisement of the African-American community. He then went on to criticize and lecture Rep. Lewis:

‘I think what’s disappointing is someone like John Lewis, who is such an icon of voting rights and civil rights, to make a comment about the legitimacy of an election, something he’s fought so hard to create the integrity of, to talk about delegitimizing an election.’

Rep. Lewis did NOT suffer injuries, including a skull fracture, to see an orange-tinted nasty honey badger win the White House by campaigning for a wall on the border of Mexico to keep out all the “drug dealers and rapists.” Nor did he risk his life to see the president of the United States create a registry of people based simply on their religion under the guise of fighting terrorism. Sorry. Not sorry.

He then went on to remind viewers that Trump is sacrificing so much by taking on the job of president of the United States, and because of this, Trump would not take insults lying down.

‘But make no mistake. If someone is going to attack the president-elect, whether he’s going to attack him or this country or American workers, Donald Trump is leaving a successful business to fight for this country, to fight for American workers. And he’s not going to sit back and let people take pot shots.’

You can watch Spicer’s comments below:

Featured image via Getty Images / Drew Angerer.