Elizabeth Warren Just Said Something So Amazing That Trump’s Head Will Spin (VIDEO)


As more and more representatives and senators respond negatively to President-elect Donald Trump’s twitter criticism of Civil Rights icon Rep. John Lewis, the one to worry about is the ferocious and marvelous Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

Warren ripped Trump and denounced the tweets he sent out criticizing Lewis earlier today during the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast. When asked by a reporter what she thought of the back and forth between the two, she praised Lewis and said Trump had crossed the line. She was visibly shaken and it’s easy to see she is beyond infuriated with Trump’s comments.

‘The president-elect stepped over a line when he attacked John Lewis as a man who is all talk and no action. John Lewis is a man who, literally, put his life on the line to make this a better country, a fairer country, a country that is more open.’

She then went on and said Trump had done nothing for the country.

‘Donald Trump hasn’t put his life on the line for anyone except Donald Trump.’

When a reporter tried to bring up the fact that Lewis did in fact call Trump an illegitimate president, Warren laid it out for the reporter.

‘John Lewis has earned the right to raise questions about legitimacy. Right now, our intelligence community tells us that Russia directly influenced the election here in the United States. If John Lewis has a question about that and John Lewis wants not to attend because of that – that is certainly his right.’

Considering Lewis was one of the 13 original Freedom Riders, suffered a skull fracture during the Selma to Montgomery march, and is the last surviving speaker of the March on Washington, he’s earned the right more than anyone else to question the legitimacy of a man who lost the popular vote by a huge margin, has made racist comments in the past, has questionable ties to Russia, and has no experience in government. That’s not even taking into account that it is the right of any American citizen to question their government.

Lewis has expressed he will not be attending the inauguration and several other representatives will not be attending either.

You can watch Sen. Warren’s comments below.

Featured image via Getty Images / Justin Sullivan.