Inaugural Ticket Scalpers Just Reported Something Very Embarrassing For Trump


On Friday Donald Trump will be sworn in as one of America’s least favorite presidents-elect in recent history — even scalpers are missing out on the chance to make a profit.
Some scalpers, who bought tickets to Trump’s inauguration, were determined to resell the tickets and are missing out despite their motivation to get more than they paid for the tickets.

Yossi Rosenberg of upper Manhattan, 36, reported to Daily News that he paid $700 for two tickets to the event in Washington D.C. to a woman in Westchester County in hopes he could double his money. Unfortunately for him, no one is interested.

Rosenberg told The News:

‘Nobody wants to buy them, it looks like I’m stuck with them, I might even have to go.’

Rosenberg is a software salesman who flips tickets to make a bit of extra cash. He thought he would hit big with ease considering how prosperous some of Trump’s outstanding Republican followers are.

Rosenberg, who is a Democrat, said with disappointment:

‘I thought they would be in demand. I got offers before I got them, but then I get them and everybody balked.’

Yossi bought the tickets last week from a Second Amendment activist in Katonah, N.Y. off of the popular site Craigslist. When he received the tickets he posted them to his Facebook account and back on Craigslist in a flash.

After some time with no one showing interest in purchasing the event tickets, he began surfing through white supremacist websites like the Daily Stormer, where he resorted to listing them for sale on the memo boards.

Shockingly, even then he did not receive any word from interested buyers.

It is possible that Rosenburg is a little pricy on what he is asking seeing that other listings for inauguration tickets on Monday varied from $175 to $400 per ticket.

In spite of failed attempts to sell the tickets, he posted them to the community bulletin board at his job, expecting a co-worker of his to help him get rid of them.

He had an offer for the pair but it was insufficient to his expectations. He couldn’t take a loss like that:

‘Someone offered me $200 for the pair, I guess his approval ratings aren’t that high, right?’

It doesn’t come as a surprise that a new Gallup poll Monday revealed that 55 percent of Americans have a negative view of Trump, which is a strange circumstance for a president-elect. Trump is the only one of the last four presidents-elect who had their disapproval levels surpass their approval levels.

No wonder Rosenberg is having terrible luck selling the tickets for Friday. Even though Rosenberg voted for Hillary Clinton in November, he says he might have to make his way to Washington and go to the event himself if he can’t get someone to buy the tickets.

‘I never intended on going, I really thought I’d see some profit. If I don’t sell them for what I paid within 72 hours, I’m just going to go.’

Rossi is trying his hardest to sell his tickets so he doesn’t have to force himself to go to the inauguration himself.

Featured Image via GettyImages/Chip Somodevilla