Over 370 Cities Around The World Will Protest Trump’s Inauguration (DETAILS)


According to Facebook, over 194,000 people have indicated that they will attend the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, January 21st, the day after President-elect Trump is officially inaugurated. However, now it seems that Washington won’t be the only city hosting a march in protest of the soon-to-be commander-in-chief.

Along the campaign trail, we heard a lot of talk about other countries watching the complete charade that took place, otherwise known as Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign. Maybe you didn’t quite take those rumors seriously, however, it seems they are in fact true.

So much, in fact, that at least 370 cities worldwide will be hosting “sister marches” protesting the inauguration of the controversial President-elect. According to the Huffington Post, countries from six continents across the globe are expected to rally over 700,000 people for 55 marches set in cities across the globe.

One of the biggest marches will take place in London, England, where 14,000 women plan to take to the streets in protest of Trump and the recent uprising of the “alt-right.” Following the Brexit vote and England’s decision to leave the European Union, England is facing its own problems of similar nature to the United States.

According to National Sister March spokeswoman Yordanos Eyoel:

‘This is a global movement. This is something that was catalyzed by the organizers of the March on Washington, but it is a call to action to people across this country and around the world who believe in the same mission and principles.’

The sheer hatred, fear, and bigotry at the core of these recent political events is something many liberal-leaning individuals recognize and intend to change.

Beth Garner, the organizer of the London women’s march, told The Independent that these marches vehemently reject fear, hate speech, and division, saying:

‘This march was triggered by widespread apprehension at the threat to human rights anticipated in the wake of recent political events. By coming together on the 21st, a multitude of different ORGANIZATIONS working across the board on different social issues send a message that the politics of fear and division will not be accepted. In 2016, we all saw an increase in hate speech and divisive rhetoric. Donald Trump’s election was really a tipping point for me.’

Besides protesting the violent, hateful, sexual predatory President-elect, these “sister marches” are also a display of global solidarity. Women will march from Maui to Nairobi to protest not only Trump but the meaning behind his rise to power.

Eyoel went on to tell the Huffington Post that if women “are not able to make it to D.C., I will say that you’re still creating the same kind of change, and you’re making sure your voice is heard. It’s important to do that within the community where you live.”

If you’re curious as to whether a city near you is hosting a “sister march,” check out their website for more information. Women’s March organizers have compiled a list of cities around the world that will be hosting marches.

Feature Image via Getty Images.