Thousands Of Americans Just Stood Up For Obamacare Across The Country (DETAILS)


Despite what Donald Trump and the Republicans think, only about 1 in 4 Americans actually want the ACA repealed, leaving an overwhelming majority disregarded, until now.

Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of Americans attended Democratic rallies across the country Sunday in protest of the impending Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal.

According to Senator Bernie Sanders, 70 rallies were organized and facilitated by Democrats across the country from Maine to California to show the GOP and the incoming Trump administration just what the American people think of their plans to take away the health coverage.

Sanders, with Chuck Schumer, organized and attended a rally in Michigan. Sanders spoke to the crowd, acknowledging in his speech to the crowd that:

‘There are differences of opinion about the Affordable Care Act — some like it, some don’t like it. But very few Americans believe that we should repeal the ACA without a replacement program to make it better.’

President Obama echoed these statements previously when he made numerous statements that he would publicly support repealing the ACA, if the GOP had a better replacement plan ready for Americans. In light of the lack of replacement plan however, Obama urged people to mobilize and make their opinions known, and so they did.

Many of these rallies took place with below freezing temperatures outside, but people did not seem to be deterred. Twitter and other social media platforms were inundated with pictures, videos, check-ins and all kinds of messages from and in support of the anti-repeal rallies.

#OurFirstStand seems to be the primary hashtag of choice for those getting involved in this conversation. To further the voices of the Americans fighting for their right to health care, and in many cases the right to live, here are some of the best #OurFirstStand tweets:

 ‘…Here is the line for the @BernieSanders led “Save Health Care” rally in Warren, MI. It’s 28 degrees out.’

‘This crowd is ecstatic. So inspiring to see everyone fired up to save health care #OurFirstStand’

‘Hey @realDonaldTrump, turns out you don’t speak for the people after all! This is only the beginning #SaveACA #OurFirstStand’

‘Photos: An estimated 6,000 people gathered for #OurFirstStand rally at Faneuil Hall to save Obamacare’

‘My view today from the #ourfirststand rally in Warren. 10,000 Michiganders rallying to #savehealthcare! Standing with YOU to say #ACAWorks!’

‘#SaveHealthCare rally turns out hundreds of #TampaBay neighbors! Message: Don’t #MakeAmericaSickAgain! …#OurFirstStand’

‘We are one of the very few developed nations in the entire world that does not guarantee health care to all our citizens. #OurFirstStand’

‘Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Congress: stop playing politics with the lives of New Yorkers who depend on the ACA. #OurFirstStand’

‘Supporting health for 476,000 Marylanders here @BowieState #savehealthcare #OurFirstStand’

‘I was so proud to vote for the #ACA when it first passed, and I will keep fighting for it #OurFirstStand’

The ACA repeal has brought people together. Both Republicans with buyers’ remorse, Democrats and Independents should work to strengthen the resolve of Americans “fighting the good fight.” If Democrats were able to organize and mobilize this many people for their “first stand” than perhaps with momentum, this repeal can be stopped.

Sanders, for one, will not quit:

‘Know we are saying to our Republican colleagues: We will not allow you to throw up to 30 million Americans off of health insurance…[this is] the beginning of the fight, not the end of the fight.’

Surely this is exactly what President Obama was talking about in his Farewell Address about believing in the strength, resiliency and goodness of the American people.

WATCH Bernie Sanders address the Michigan “Save Our Healthcare” rally below:

Feature Image via Twitter/@Team Pelosi.