Bernie Sanders Just Grilled & Scorched Trump’s Pick For Secretary Of Education (VIDEO)


Betsy DeVos was feeling the BERN today after she was grilled by the beloved Bernie Sanders during her Senate confirmation hearing (I-VT).

Sanders kept it no nonsense when he straight away asked DeVos if she would work with them on the task of making college tuition free.

Answering in a seemingly condescending manner, she said:

‘I think that’s a really interesting idea, and it’s really great to consider and think about, but I think we also have to consider the fact that nothing in life is really free.’

Problem is, there have been plenty of ideas to make a free education for all Americans feasible. Sanders interrupted DeVos to point that out, saying:

‘You’re right. You’re right. Somebody will pay for it, but that takes us to another issue, and that is that right now we have proposals in front of us to substantially lower tax breaks for billionaires in this country while at the same time low-income kids can’t afford to go to college. Do you think that makes sense?’

DeVos tried to weasel her way out of giving a straight answer by trying to focus more on the idea of making college more affordable. However, Sanders wasn’t having it and interrupted her saying, actually, that wasn’t my question.”

He added:

‘My question is should we make public colleges and universities tuition free so that every family in America, regardless of income, will have the ability to have their kids get a higher education?’ That was my question.

She, of course, responded by repeating herself, talking more about making college more affordable.

Sanders also held DeVos’ feet to the flames when he questioned her about her relationship with the Republican Party. He point-blank asked DeVos to disclose how much money had been contributed to the Republican Party.

She said she was unable to give him that number. However, Sanders asked her if a ballpark figure of $200 million sounded right. She actually answered that, saying that collectively it was “possible.”

Sanders then asked an eye-opening question:

‘Do you think if you were not a multi-billionaire, if your family had not made hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions to the Republican Party that you would be sitting here today?’

The importance behind this question is the fact that, according to The Washington Post, DeVos has never taught, went to public school, nor sent her children to public school.

Of course, she answered that she felt she would be there in the seat regardless of her wealth and monetary contributions. She answered:

‘Senator, as a matter of a fact, I do think there would be that possibility. I have worked very hard on behalf of parents and children for the last almost 30 years to be a voice for… students… and to empower parents to make decisions on behalf of their children, primarily low-income children.’

You can watch the exchange between Sanders and DeVos below, via YouTube:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube.