‘InfoWars’ Reports New Trump Tape Will Be Released To CNN 48 Hrs Before Inauguration


With just a few days left until President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson has released some news that could shake up the event.

Watson published a report on Monday after receiving information from an anonymous source about a “very damaging” tape of out-takes from Trump’s reality show, The Apprentice.

According to the source, even though the video is only two minutes long, it is “nuclear in impact.” The source also revealed that the tape will be leaked to CNN and BuzzFeed on Wednesday afternoon.

‘The plan is to leak it to CNN and Buzzfeed (as the ultimate f**k you) on Wednesday at 3pm.’

This potentially damning tape has apparently been circulating for quite some time, with hopes of attracting someone like Mark Cuban, Larry Flynt, or others who have the means to deal with the legal ramifications of a leak.

The source told InfoWars that a lack of financial backing is what has prevented the people in possession of the tape from releasing it. They said about the original plan to leak the tape:

‘They should have released it on MLK day, but they want assurances of financial backing in case they get sued. One person still works for the Apprentice, he even thinks this will help with ratings!’

Comedian Tom Arnold claimed back in December to have seen the troubling footage. He said that the tape contains:

‘Every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever. It was him sitting in that chair saying the N-word, saying the C-word, calling his son a retard, just being so mean to his own children.’

According to the source, the objective of releasing the tape is to “discredit the president before the inauguration.”

This certainly is not the first time that someone has released a tape with the intent of damaging Trump’s reputation.

In October, The Washington Post leaked audio that featured Trump in conversation with then-host of Access Hollywood, Billy Bush. Trump made a number of offensive, sexist remarks to Bush; he even appeared to brag about sexually assaulting women when he said:

‘You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything […] Grab them by the p—y. You can do anything.’

At the time of the release of this audio, it seemed that Trump had lost any shot he had at winning the presidency. However, quite the opposite proved to be true, although he certainly did receive a significant amount of backlash for his comments.

If this new tape is released when the source says it will be, one can’t help but wonder how the beginning of Trump’s time in office will be affected. The President-elect and his team are already in damage control mode, doing their best to discredit reports that Russia has spent the last several years collecting incriminating information about him. The amount of drama Trump is currently dealing with is truly astounding, and he hasn’t even taken office yet.

Featured image via Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images.