Trump’s Stupidity On Twitter Lands Him In Very Hot Water With Ivanka (TWEET)


Donald Trump’s belligerent and blatant disrespect of the media in general, but especially CNN, has been widely publicized the last couple of weeks. When CNN aired a story on Ivanka Monday night, Trump went into proud father mode and naturally took to Twitter to express his feelings. There is rarely anything that makes sense about Trump’s tweets, though, and this situation is no different.

It all started when Massachusetts chiropractor Lawrence Goodstein posted a tweet gushing about how great Ivanka is. Trump, not knowing his daughter’s Twitter handle or (in true Trump fashion) not paying attention to his tweet, shared Goodstein’s post:

Small problem with the the original and retweeted post: The Ivanka mentioned isn’t Ivanka Trump. The Ivanka, Trump tweeted is ever so classy Ivanka Majic, who had this response classic and candid response for Trump:

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Which White House adviser keeps allowing Trump to make a fool of himself?

With Donald Trump’s reckless tweeting it was only a matter of time before he mentioned the wrong person, drunk tweeted confessions of all of his lies and unethical business dealings. It’s only a matter of time before some world leader takes Trump’s fantasy land inflated social media keyboard courage and deflates it in real life in ways that have have an unfortunate and damning impact on the American people.

Although witty and a wonderful dig, Ivanka Majic’s response to Trump is one he should heed. It would be a shame for Trump to tweet something foolish that accidentally mentioned Kim Jong-un or anther world leader who has a reputation for being as tough in real life as Trump plays on Twitter and for the media.


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