When John Lewis Was Fighting For Civil Rights, Trump Was Fighting Against Them


President-elect Trump’s Twitter tirade against Rep. John Lewis has sparked outrage from many Americans. Given that he chose to attack him at the worst possible time, ahead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, many considered his comments to be an embarrassment.

Not only does Trump attack anyone who dares speak out against him, but he seemingly does so without having any idea at all about the things he’s saying.

Lewis, as a dedicated Civil Rights hero, risked his life multiple times fighting for the rights of African-American citizens. Trump called his activism “talk, talk, talk – no action,” yet Lewis has been arrested 40 times for fighting against segregation and was nearly beaten to death acting for change.

The Washington Post compared Trump and Lewis’ actions throughout their lives in an attempt to compare so-called talk versus action.

Starting in 1960, Trump won a “neatness and order medal” from the New York Military Academy in Cornwall, New York. John Lewis, however, was one of the 13 Freedom Riders who fought against laws that prevented blacks and whites from sitting beside each other on public transportation.

In 1963, Trump was removed from leading his school’s white-gloved drill team in the Columbus Day parade after hazing younger students, according to the Post.

Meanwhile, Lewis was busy vying for civil rights, working alongside Martin Luther King Jr.

Two years later, in 1965, Trump was drafted for the Vietnam War but managed to escape the draft, as he was a Fordham University student. The same year, Lewis was tear-gassed and beaten by police on what was eventually known as Bloody Sunday while fighting for the rights of people of color to vote.

The most shocking comparison yet, however, comes from 1973. Trump was actively trying to block African-American citizens from renting apartments from his father’s properties, and ended up getting sued by the Department of Justice.

During the same year, John Lewis was trying to get minority voters in the United States to vote through the Voter Education Project.

Trump attacked Lewis’ district for being “in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime-infested).” The thing is, however, this kind of rhetoric shows that Trump believes black neighborhoods are the areas in America where crime exists exclusively. That kind of language alone shows he has no respect for people of color.

So maybe it’s useful to consider where Trump’s comments come from: a place of the utmost privilege. He really has little clue about Lewis’ dedication to fighting for Civil Rights in this country, and his attack on him proves just that.

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