Kellyanne Conway Goes On Fox News To Make A Complete Fool Of Herself (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s former campaign adviser and newly appointed White House counselor, Kellyanne Conway, followed up on Trump’s Fox & Friends interview with one of her own on Wednesday morning.

Asked about the confirmation hearings of Trump’s cabinet choices, such as that of Betsy DeVos, Trump’s nominee for secretary of education, Conway expressed her anger at the treatment of these cabinet choices almost as if she missed every other presidential cabinet conformation hearing that ever came before them.

These hearings are notoriously tough and thorough, although there has certainly never been quite as disturbing or completely unqualified candidates as those that Trump has chosen.

Fox & Friends‘ hosts commiserated with Conway, introducing the question of her feelings about the hearings by showing a series of clips of Democratic elected leaders asking the cabinet pick mean question about her extreme lack of qualifications, her donations to anti-LGBTQ groups who supported conversion therapy, and her plans for addressing the massive amounts of student debt that has been a growing concern for young people.

In other words, she was asked questions that are relevant to the position for which she’s being considered.

Host Steve Doocy insisted before even asking Conway a question that “Democrats hate her” only because they are “supported by the teacher’s union,” who are afraid that jobs in education may be cut as a result of her commitment to school vouchers and charter schools, which Doocy characterized as giving parents a “choice.”

Conway responded by saying:

‘What is the worst thing that could come out of our department of education? That more children who deserve an education, who should be able to escape their zip code, which is essentially how it’s decided right now, where they go to school and what is taught there?’

While there are many things wrong in that answer, the most startling question it raises is which children are Conway saying do or do not deserve an education? Are the ones with the means to “escape their zip codes” to go to expensive private or charter schools more deserving that those who cannot?

For the full segment of Conway’s appearance, see video below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube